Zach Pope Reviews Synchronic

Making its original debut at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival, Synchronic (2020) follows two paramedics Steve and Dennis as they discover a new designer drug that allows the user to time travel. Directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, the film stars Anthony Mackie as Steve and Jamie Dornan as Dennis. YouTuber Zach Pope shares his thoughts on the time bending sci-fi film now playing in select theaters.

Synchronic is one of the most original films I’ve seen this year. In fact, it’s really unique. And it’s a new version on time travel all through this weird trippy drug.

Pleasantly surprised by how much he enjoys the film, the YouTuber claims the directors take the concept of time travel and craft it in a new and creative way when the characters begin to test different methods of time traveling to see the best possible outcome. He cites the direction in which the film takes time traveling is so original and different from other time travel movies such as Tenet (2020) and Arrival (2016).

Cinematography and score all add to this very hypnotic and trippy venture that you are truly going through here that is crafted in a very immaculate way and edited as well.”

The entire production of the film does a great job in creating a very believable world in which this drug could really exist and really happen, according to Pope. He also praises actor Anthony Mackie for his performance, bringing that engrossing feeling and edge the character needs.

“Something that makes this film so worthwhile is Anthony Mackie. I think he’s already proven how great of a leading actor he can be and after watching this again he proves it once more.

Synchronic is wholly original, says the YouTuber who rates the film a B+.

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