Zach Pope is blown away by Malcolm & Marie

In Malcolm & Marie (2021), a filmmaker and his girlfriend return home from a movie premiere and begin to discuss their past relationships. Directed by Same Levinson, the film stars John David Washington as Malcolm and Zendaya as Marie. YouTuber Zach Pope shares his thoughts on the black and white drama movie.

This is a movie that is monologue heavy and typically for me, that is not my cup of tea. Each time an actor started one, there I was hanging on every word. The location, the cinematography, add to this all, as well as bringing in a sense that I am here with this couple, making the whole thing feel lifted and real.

Didn’t expect to love this film as much as I do, says the YouTuber who is blown away by the performances from both John David Washington and Zendaya. He claims both actors put on the best performances of their career so far and especially praises Zendaya as giving her heart and soul into this character and having the best performance of 2021. The actors have great chemistry and feel like a real life couple according to Pope.

The YouTuber describes the film as “a truly raw, intimate, vulnerable, electrifying, purposeful, impeccable, relatable and perfect film” that really spoke to him as a lover of films and as a person. Pope rates the film an A+.

Malcolm & Marie will be released on Netflix on February 5.

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