YouTubers Root for The White Tiger

Is this your typical rag to riches story? A boy who dreams of one day rising above his class and be on top. In The White Tiger (2021), Balram dreams of a better life for himself as he takes on a job as a driver for a rich family and soon realizes the obstacles he must face in order to reach success. Directed by Ramin Bahrani, the film stars Adarsh Gourav, Priyanka Chopra, and Rajkummar Rao. YouTubers Mark Kermode from the channel kermodeandmayo, Chris from Movies And Munchies and Brandon from the channel BrandoCritic, share their thoughts on the latest film now streaming on Netflix.

That’s the point at which he resolves to become the white tiger. And the white tiger, is you know an almost mythical creature, born only once every generation of some kind of extreme strength and fortitude … the thing that’s really genuine about this film is firstly the director is very interested in the subject of inequality and the way in which social systems work … it is a very darkly satirical, very stylistically stylish kind of modern fable.

YouTuber Mark Kermode describes the film as a very intelligent commentary on the subject of class and inequality in society. He notes that parts of the film are particularly very dark and do a great job in creating this image of the darkness of societal norms in perpetuating class inequality, especially through the performance of the main character Balram (Adarsh Gourav). He goes on to describe a scene where Balram is being put into a terrible situation and there is absolutely nothing he can do but to be the scapegoat and the look on the characters face conveys so much of the tragedy he is facing, yet still unable to help himself.

At times it's very funny, very darkly funny, very satirical, and very sardonic. And other times it’s got a real kind of sense of tragedy to it. And it’s all absolutely captured in the smile on the lead character's face, which tells us so much.

In agreement, Chris from Movies And Munchies says the film does an excellent job in showcasing the class system that not only plagues modern India, but can be relatable to other places in the world. The performance from Adarsh Gourav illustrates so much of what people have to go through to try and make their way above their social standings, according to the YouTuber who really enjoys his performance.

All throughout the film I had an uneasy feeling. We want to root for Balram because he's a tender guy who regularly gets the wrong end of the stick. He seems very kind and humble and therefore gets taken advantage of way too often and to watch how he's treated is saddening and that’s where great social commentary comes into play. This is a story of classes, the haves and have nots. And how the haves work the system to keep themselves in the have column while simultaneously pressing those underneath them.

He brings so much depth and interest to this character, says Brandon from the channel BrandoCritic, who finds the main character super relatable. Despite the obvious differences, he is just a person striving to better himself in the world and that is something many people can relate to according to Brandon. The YouTuber says the performance from Gourav plays a major part in how much he enjoys rooting for this character even during incidents where his character isn’t so morally just.

He brings this wonderful energy to the movie. He’s so endearing, so likeable, so funny. And he's extremely relatable and sympathizing. Now I don’t know what it’s like to live in a slum in India, but you are able to relate to his struggles wanting more, wanting to provide for his family, not wanting to be a servant. And getting on the same side as your main character in a rags to riches movie especially when you know there’s some morally unjust actions being taken, you want to care for the main character you want to be on their side and luckily this story has a great protagonist.

All of the YouTubers agree The White Tiger is a film with themes that have been done before, but with a unique twist that will keep you engaged and rooting for the underdog.

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