YouTubers give praise to The Farewell

Based on a real lie, The Farewell (2019) follows Billi as she returns to China under the false pretense of a fake family wedding in order to say her goodbyes to the family matriarch and her connection to China. Written and directed by Lulu Wang, the film stars Awkwafina, Zhao Shu-zhen, Tzi Ma, Diana Lin, Lu Hong, Yongbo Jiang, Aoi Mizuhara and Han Chen. YouTubers Arturo Zurito from the channel Let Me Explain, Marianna Neal from the channel Impression Blend, Korey Coleman and Martin Thomas from the channel Double Toasted and Zach Pope, share their thoughts on the indie film that first made its debut at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

There’s so many people in this movie that they feel like just real, natural people. And I have a hard time telling which ones are the actors except for the ones we obviously know … there’s just some people you can’t tell and I like that a lot.

So many of the characters and their relationships with each other feel completely real and relatable, according to YouTuber Korey Coleman. The characters are so believable, he has a hard time differentiating between the obvious real actors and the other non-actor characters who are casted such as Lulu Wang’s real life great auntie.

I love how a lot of the movie revolves around food. Not just because you know that’s a part of life, but because food is a love language between families.

Food is another aspect of the film that transcends across all cultures, all families and does a great job in creating that relatability of the characters to the audience, according to YouTuber Arturo Zurito. The YouTuber also enjoys how the director really let the story explain itself. Instead of worrying about explaining the different aspects of the Chinese culture that is highlighted in the film, the movie does a great job at giving the audience cues and clues to the cultural differences.

I love the subtlety to it because the movie doesn’t stop to explain cultural differences to other people, who in the movie are also Chinese … instead there are points in the movie where they don’t even use subtitles because she knows you get the emotion. She respected the audience enough to show us a game where we may not know the rules to it but we know he’s losing.

The YouTuber also finds it ironic and a bit comical that many of the experiences the main character is going through with her family and their family dynamics speaks to him so deeply even as a person of a completely different culture. It is so relatable.

Why is it that every time we have a deep discussion it’s never in private. Ya’ll notice we never get to express ourselves without stuttering, there’s never a John Williams score playing in the background with the rain. Nah. There’s always a random cousin or family member awkwardly listening in when you’re finally pouring your heart out.

Zach Pope also agrees and says no matter what culture you come from; you will easily find a character that you can relate to. An aspect of the film that touches the YouTuber deeply is the message of family dynamics and how even though one member is suffering physically, the entire family also takes on the burdens and suffers emotionally for that one member.

The way that this film tackles it and of course touching on to the Chinese culture and how they do not share this with their loved one, how they want them to live their life without worrying about the fear of death, that’s also very beautiful … the way that this film dives in and giving exposition to the culture and in general the exposition scenes in this film are actually brilliantly laid out, where they feel so seamlessly thorough.

Pope’s reaction to Awkwafina’s performance is that of shock and delight. He raves on how the actress is able to show this completely different side of her craft making a very convincing and believable character.

She still kind of holds that personality to her while also showing another side of her that we’ve never seen before in filmmaking. I am so floored by Awkwafina’s performance … her performance here is one of the most endearing parts about it.

Probably one of Awkwafina’s best performances says, YouTuber Marianna Neal, who is surprised to learn this is the same actress who played a character in Crazy Rich Asians (2018). Her range of acting in this performance compared to the romantic comedy is completely mind blowing, according to Neal.

She is so great in this role. The whole cast is great but she really blew me away here. I’ve only seen her in Crazy Rich Asians before and she is great in that too. She’s hilarious but The Farewell is an entirely different role which gave her a change to show a whole different side of her talent.

The film does a great job in highlighting the lives of Asians and Asian Americans as normal everyday people and not as “immigrants” or “foreigners”, according to YouTuber Martin Thomas. The film follows a middle-class family, not from the villages or from the rich high society; it gives us a glimpse into daily life in China to be seen as normal and somewhat relatable.

Something I really liked about this movie is that I felt like it’s rare that we get a glimpse of Chinese people at this level of society. Where they are not in the poor villages and they are not super crazy rich, they’re just very average city dwellers and a lot of this is following around. You just get a sense of what life in china is like.

Ultimately, the film is a hit among all the YouTubers and is highly rated and recommended.

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