YouTubers Review Space Sweepers

In Space Sweepers (2021), after finding a 7-year-old little girl inside flying space debris, the crew members of the spaceship Victory believe the girl to be a human-like robot wanted by the UTS and must decide what to do with her. Directed by Jo Sung-hee the Korean language, dystopian sci-fi, space flick is now streaming on Netflix. YouTubers Flick Connection, Escapist Movies and Jay-3 Entertainment, share their thoughts on the futuristic space film.

This is a dazzling movie. It looks amazing, and it’s not just the look of all the special effects because ultimately what you get here is an animated movie with a few people walking around, but it just looked so good. And again, I’m not talking about how convincing it looked, it’s beautiful. All the spaceships just look incredible, they’re kind of junky and pieced together looking but there are bright colors and it just really is constantly visual feast.

Such a visually appealing and fun film to watch, says Darren Van Dam from the channel Flick Connection. He goes on to compare the film atmosphere as similar to a Guardians of the Galaxy type feel mixed with different types of intergalactic space species. For the YouTuber, the most interesting and compelling aspect of the film was the world in which it took place. You do have interesting characters, but the whole environment in which people who speaking different languages are still able to clearly communicate with one another through an earpiece translator, the different scene settings that show off the state of people’s lives and some of the picturesque space settings bring so much visual interest to the film, according to the YouTuber.

I thought the characters were interesting. I thought the world was way more interesting than anything I’ve seen in a Netflix original. I wanted to spend more time in this orbit world, I would have happily watched an entire series to spend 10 hours in this environment, it was that cool.

The CGI action scenes probably aren’t the best they’ve ever seen, but the film does a decent job at blending it to give the film a stylized effect, says Jay-3 and Sable Rock from the channel Jay-3 Entertainment.

The CGI to me is not up to par with a movie that’s like 80% CGI. But the composite artist blended it into a way that made it look stylized and made it work for the film.

The pair also find the story concept and idea of this futuristic world with a blend of both western and eastern cultures, as such a fascinating visual outcome. They praise director Jo Sung-hee for his ability to give the audience entertainment on all levels through such an original story.

This film was directed by Jo Sung-hee and what he did in this movie was just dope because he was able to take so much of the American culture and the Asian culture and put it all in one film … we had Wally, we had iRobot, we had a lot that, Golden Child, … they took every premise of every sci-fi movie and combined it together to make an original story … we got great action, we had space action, we had robot action, blood, only thing this movie didn’t have was sex.

Not as impressed with the space film, YouTuber Darren Mooney from the channel Escapist Movies, finds much of the plot to be similar to earlier 1980’s and 1990’s American sci-fi films. It isn’t anything we haven’t already seen before and borders on cliché, according to the YouTuber.

Space Sweepers occasionally feels like a reheated piece of 80s or 90s American sci-fi cinema something like Aliens or Robo Cop or Total Recall.

One of his biggest gripes is the “cartoonish-ness” of much of the scenes, especially in some of the action scenes and when humor is inserted. He notes some of the scenes seem to run much longer than needed to a tend to over explain things that the audience already knows or can easily infer.

Space Sweepers aspires to put a Korean spin on the big dumb blockbuster and perhaps it succeeds too well. Space Sweepers might just be too big and too dumb for its own good.

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