YouTubers have Thoughts on the latest TV Show Reboots

Full House, Charmed, Sabrina, Party of Five … do these shows sound familiar? In the latest round of nostalgic TV reboots, the Peacock streaming network now features two more pop culture TV reboots: Saved by the Bell (2020) and Punky Brewster (2021). In the new Saved by the Bell, a group of students from a low-income area high school are transferred to one of the high performing schools Bayside High, causing a shake up for the new class of students. Created by Sam Bobrick, the newest cast at Bayside High include Haskiri Velazquez, Alycia Pascual, Mitchell Hoog, Belmont Cameli, Josie Totah, Dexter Darden, John Michael Higgins, and original returning cast members Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley. In Punky Brewster, Punky herself played by Soleil Moon Frye returns to reprise her iconic role, now all grown up as a single mom who runs into a young girl with the same spunky qualities she herself had. Cast members include Freddie Prinze Jr., Lauren Lindsey Donzis, Oliver De Los Santos, Quinn Copeland, Noah Cottrell, along with original cast member Cherie Johnson. YouTubers Andre, from the channel Black Nerd Comedy, Dan Murrell and Krazy Joe from the channel MegaPodTastic, share their thoughts on the latest TV show revivals.

It’s yet another show or thing from the past being remade or sequalized or retooled for the new generation. We’re seeing it everywhere and I think we’re going to see it even more with all these streaming services because the streaming services want you to sign up.

Nothing is safe, everything from your childhood will be remade again, says YouTuber Andre, who is intrigued yet skeptical about the latest reboots to hit the streaming networks. Not having seen the actual shows, the YouTuber is pleased to learn that some of the original cast and characters will be returning to the new rebooted series and thinks it will help to generate some of that old nostalgia for older fans while still giving a fresh new take for the newer generation of viewers.

People who worked on the original show are coming back so I think that’s a good thing too. To have the people who worked on the last show come back and work on the new show so that way they can still have that dose of what made the show work the first time, but also giving a new take on it.

As someone who grew up watching the original Saved by the Bell (1989), YouTuber Dan Murrell admits, it wasn’t the greatest show of its time. It did however, still bring back all the nostalgic feels of the 90’s, according to the YouTuber. It's just one of those things that people of a certain age really really enjoy.

Saved by the Bell is not very good. It was never very good. We just have an attachment. Those of us who grew up with it, have an attachment to it.

One aspect of the new show Murrell really enjoys is how the series addresses its own criticisms of the original show making it a “meta commentary” about the Saved by the Bell universe and in turn making it a comedy in its own right. He also really enjoys the new cast and how in this series, we are able to get more development and learn more about the characters beyond their archetype.

There were more than enough references to the original Saved by the Bell in this season. I wouldn’t mind one bit if you focus on this new cast and still have the other characters in the background. But I like this cast and they spend so much time getting past the premise and getting past all of the issues that come with the merging of these two schools. I’d love to see more of their characters and how they interact with each other.

A fan of the original Punky Brewster (1984) series, YouTuber Krazy Joe left the new series feeling a bit conflicted and confused. He describes the series as “bizarre” and the main reason for this is the character of Punky Brewster herself. The YouTuber claims it's difficult for a person who grew up watching the series to now come back years later to see Punky as an adult without any context of how she developed as a person from childhood to adulthood and then be labeled as Punky. Aside from some iconic one-liners from the original show, this person could be any generic single mother trying to raise her kids, says the YouTuber.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not the same person at 45 that I was at 8. You probably aren’t either. People grow, people change, people mature … in the case of Punky Brewster, we lost Punky Brewster in 1988 and we did not see anything about Punky Brewster. So suddenly we’re catching up with Punky Brewster years later. She’s not the same person, she can’t be the same person … this is Punky Brewster, but is it really?

In the first few episodes, the YouTuber doesn’t really care for the show, which he compares to a vibe similar to Full House (1987). However, by the end of the series, it starts to grow on him and he describes the show as cute and charming, something you can watch with your family.

To be honest with you I didn’t really care for the show in the first couple episodes, like I said it’s not my kind of show. But it started to grow on me.

What’s next for the future of TV revivals, reboots and spin offs?

YouTubers Andre, Dan Murrell and Krazy Joe, rate and review new movies and TV shows on their channels regularly.