Little Fish projects an Eerie image of Society

As a widespread memory loss virus takes hold, a young couple fights to keep their love and relationship together in Little Fish (2021). Directed by Chad Hartigan, the film stars Olivia Cooke and Jack O’Connell. YouTubers Shawn Jackson from the channel Lost In The Reel, and Matt Atchity, Christy Lemire and Alonso Duralde from the Breakfast All Day Podcast channel share their thoughts on the chillingly familiar story of a widespread virus taking hold on society.

There are some chilling images here. Which would be anyways but especially so given what we are going through as a nation, as a world with this coronavirus and so you’ll see people sitting in the waiting room of a clinic wearing surgical masks you know anxiously filling out paperwork … it’s just a matter of bizarre coincidental timing.

Some of the images from the scenes of characters going about their lives during this widespread virus parallel some real images we see in real life on a daily basis, says YouTuber Christy, who finds this aspect of the film eerily familiar and relatable. Both Matt and Christy find the film conveys a real sense of sadness and melancholy, making the story impactful and emotional; more than just a story about watching someone lose their memories. They especially enjoy the performance from the two main actors and note the fantastic on-screen chemistry makes the story much more weighted.

This movie is beautiful and haunting and it's very emotional. I really liked what it was doing … I really like this. I think that they had really good chemistry. I like the way that Jack O’Connell’s character was kind of approaching this and that we see him being relatively positive and accepting of things.

YouTuber Shawn Jackson agrees and says Cooke and O’Connell really brought on the romance factor of a sweeping love story.

The fact that Jack O’Connell and Olivia Cooke have such incredible chemistry with each other. The love that Emma and Jude have for each other just feels alive like its blossoming and continuing to grow and to see it fall apart and crumble before your eyes is just heartbreaking.

Not personally a fan of romance films, the YouTuber is impressed by how much he enjoys the film not just in terms of the story, but it is visually stunning with a “sumptuous look.” A real hidden gem. The film is able to dictate how the audience feels in also making them feel as if they are losing their memories by illustrating through minute details how we discover, retain and interpret the memories we have.

In Little Fish they’re able to make the audience feel like they’re losing their memories in such a magnificent way. They’re able to visualize the process of racking your brain to try to discover memories and minute details and also the way we perceive and interpret details differently than others.

Fellow YouTuber Alonso poses the questions of whether or not this film would be as relatable if it were not being released during the current pandemic and social climate of the world. In the end all the YouTubers agree, it still resonates and is similar to a story of someone suffering through Alzheimer’s, a difficult disease progression to watch.

Little Fish is a unique and exciting love story that gives perspective of a very current and relevant situation we are now experiencing in the world, according to the YouTubers.

YouTubers Shawn Jackson, Matt Atchity, Christy Lemire and Alonso Duralde, rate and review new movies and TV shows on their channel weekly.