Why Frozen became one of Disney’s Biggest Hits

Let it go, let it go. Can't hold it back anymore. Let it go, let it go. Turn away and slam the door. I don't care what they're going to say. Let the storm rage on. The cold never bothered me anyway – almost everyone and their mother has done their own rendition of this song. It is arguably one of the most recognized Disney songs in the history of Disney.

In Frozen (2013), when Snow Queen Elsa accidently turns the kingdom into a perpetually harsh winter wonderland, her sister Anna sets off on a journey to find Elsa and break the spell. Directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, the film stars Idina Menzel as Elsa, Kristen Bell as Anna, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad. With its ultra-catchy songs, laugh out loud characters and a heartwarming story, Frozen broke records to become one of the highest grossing original animated films in Disney history. YouTubers Sean O’Connell from CinemaBlend, J from SuperCarlinBrothers, and Brandon from BrandoCritic, share their thoughts on the widely adored Disney film.

Disney made a great movie that word of mouth is powering. That just the general reaction of the audience is powering. You come out of Frozen and you want to tell other people who haven’t seen it go see Frozen. You come out of Frozen and you want to see it again. You see the trailer … and you think I can’t wait to see that again, let’s go, let’s bring the whole family. It appeals to every demographic.

Just an overall entertaining movie that has a little bit of something for all audiences, says managing editor of CinemaBlend, Sean O’Connell. It checks off all the boxes of what a great movie entails. Not only is the original story great, but the music plays a huge part in the movie’s success, according to the YouTuber, who describes some of the musical numbers as big show stoppers built for the likes of Broadway.

The music and the songs in this movie are just connecting with an audience. I mean obviously it’s getting Oscar nominations … we’re seeing these tribute videos, people doing their own spoofs their own homages to Frozen songs … I can’t think of the last Disney animated film that had this number of songs that people wanted to sort of just own on their own.

There are two types of songs/music in Disney films: the first is the type that characters seem to sing and narrate with dialogue into the story at the same time, and the second, being the songs that are presented in a huge musical number after a bit of dialogue. Frozen does both, and does them both very very well, according to YouTuber Brandon. The film is able to use both musical formulas when it relates to music and the result: extremely addictive and catchy songs that you just can’t get out of your head!

Frozen does a good job of balancing both. There are some songs where that definitely happens like Do You Want to Build a Snowman and The First Time in Forever, but then you also have the classic Disney formula like Let It Go.

We all know how powerful and influential Disney messages are. In a slightly more modern twist, Disney’s message of love, self-love and family is one the YouTuber really enjoys and attributes to some of the success of the film among audiences, especially with young girls.

It shows to little girls you don’t need a prince to rescue you and true love doesn’t always have to been in the form of romance. It can be the love between two sisters, siblings, family, things like that. And I like that this movie is able to have the same clichés that all the other Disney movies have that made them so popular and made them so wonderful.

Despite its mega popularity, not everyone is impressed with the frozen fairytale. YouTuber J from the channel SuperCarlinBrothers finds much of the plot for Frozen to be confusing and just over all, not make any sense.

The entire plot hinges on the paper thin reasoning for Anna not knowing about Elsa’s powers. It causes all of the problems in the movie.

The YouTuber claims much of the cause of the problems in the story are a result of Anna not knowing about Elsa’s powers and the unfortunate event that led Anna’s memory to be erased and the isolation of Elsa from her and the rest of the kingdom. However, at the same time, would having Anna re-learn the knowledge about Elsa be such a disaster? Why can’t Anna know? Why must she suffer?

Because the real problem is that they just don’t explain why it’s a bad thing if Anna knows about the powers. If she re-learns about it, is her brain going to be in trouble again? Is that what the white stripe means? Is she just surviving because her brain has been convinced that that couldn’t have happened because if that’s true then it seems like the moment Anna re-learns that Elsa has ice powers, she should have just gone down like a ton of bricks.

Another storyline that doesn’t seem to make much sense is when Prince Hans comes into the picture and his underlying plot to take over the kingdom as king, by marrying Anna. Or does he have to marry Elsa? But he “falls” for Anna first? Does he now have to get rid of them both in order to secure the crown?

At this point he is pretty committed to Anna, he can’t switch sisters! So if he wants to become king he needs to marry Anna and Elsa needs to die. In fact, he eventually explains that is his exact actual plan. So then what is wrong with killing her right here and now Hans? These other two bozos came primed and ready and you’re not even going to have to kill her, you don’t even have to lie about what happened, you could just walk into down and be like the Duke of Weselton sent his men to kill the queen.

The YouTuber questions these side plot theories and tries to make sense of it all, but in the end is still left stumped.

Whether you're a fan of the film or a confused viewer, Disney’s Frozen has created a huge fan base with audiences globally. And how could you not love Olaf! He’s just so cute! Frozen is now streaming on Disney+.

YouTubers Sean O’Connell, J, and Brandon, rate, review and discuss movies and TV shows on their channels regularly.