YouTubers Sound Off on possible Harry Potter series on HBO

Accio TV series? The latest news of a Harry Potter series from WarnerMedia and HBO has excited fans across the globe, leaving them to speculate with anticipation as to what this possible series may bring. According to confirmed sources, The Hollywood Reporter says WarnerMedia and HBO Max have begun looking into possible writers and exploring ideas for a series based on the beloved magical world. YouTubers Sean Chandler from the channel Sean Chandler Plus, John Campea and Robert Meyer Burnett from the John Campea Show, Ben from the channel SuperCarlinBrothers, Rich Hutson and Josh Brown from the channel WhatCulture and James Profetto from the channel Reel James, share their thoughts on the latest news to come out of the Ministry of Magic … um… Hollywood studios … or both?

The number one thing that I would absolutely love to see is a founder’s series. Godric, Salazar, Rowena and Helga. To me this is absolutely the richest soil that exists in the harry potter universe … their influence over the rest of the wizarding world is possibly unparalleled by any other character.

As a fan of Harry Potter and the wizarding world, YouTuber Ben would love to see HBO create a series on the founders of the famous Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff. He argues so much of the Harry Potter world stems from the history of these characters, yet we know so little about them. The series could dive into each of the horcrux relics and how they were used before they were tainted by Voldemort. The series could touch on how students were sorted into their appropriate houses. The YouTuber goes on and on with ideas for a Hogwarts founders’ series.

“World building right now, is big business. And the streaming wars are in full effect,” says Ben, who is not surprised by this move from HBO Max and says bringing a possible Harry Potter series will definitely step up their streaming game to compete against the likes of Netflix and their original movies and shows as well as Disney+ and their constant release of new Marvel content.

Also a fan of the movies and books growing up, YouTuber James thinks the latest news is “a huge deal!” Just knowing the idea exists is super exciting, says James, who would love to see creators extend the Harry Potter story from where it left off in the films.

I personally would love to see them extend the story from where we left the Harry Potter film franchise off. I don’t want them to go back and do prequels stuff. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them had a solid first film but I did not like the second film at all. And it seems to me like they’re burning out prematurely.

In agreement, YouTuber Robert throws in the question of “If you’re harry potter and you’re a wizard, what do you do for the rest of your life? I want to know.” Seeing a series that is the continuation of the films and being able to see the characters as adults now in 2021 would be such an interesting watch, according to the YouTuber. In response to Robert’s question of “where are they now”, John jokingly says they are all probably working in the Ministry of Magic or in a wand shop somewhere.

Bruh I think it’s a fantastic idea. Especially if you get the original cast back and you make it an adult show. The Harry Potter audience has grown up with Harry Potter … if you were to bring back as much of the original cast as you can and tell a story about … a real adult show. I think it would be a monster hit.

YouTuber John, as much as he has enjoyed the films, finds himself debating over whether or not a series would actually be a great idea. The franchise has become a world-wide phenomenon and to create a series based on that can hold tremendous pressure to live up to very high expectations, according to John.

Developing a Harry Potter series is a little bit of a risky thing because you know you’re risking the reputation of the IP and everything, but that is a risk worth taking doing a live action series seems to be a no brainer. Maybe it’ll backfire maybe it won’t.

It will be a tough sell to try and expand on something that worked so well in the first place, says YouTuber Sean Chandler, who is also unsure if a Harry Potter series would do the franchise justice.

People love those books. People love those movies. And so they will tune in if you create something, but it’s very tough to recapture the magic of the original books, the original series.

Not a huge fan of Harry Potter himself, the YouTuber understands the caliber of the franchise and why it is so beloved by fans and says it will be “tricky” for Hollywood creators to try and re-create the same magic that both new and old fans will be satisfied with. Which he believes is part of the reason a series has not come into fruition until recently.

The wizarding world is very interesting. It’s not just the characters that you love. You love these characters in that world. But that’s the other thing that makes it tricky and why they haven’t quite figured out what to do yet is that.

YouTubers Rich and Josh are surprised that many years on after the films, there hasn’t not been any sort of major branch out of the film other than the Fantastic Beast films and a few other projects here and there. As one of the biggest franchises out there next to Marvel and Star Wars, we haven’t seen much more from Harry Potter other than the prequel films, says the YouTubers.

It’s quite surprising to think that after you know all these years, they’ve not really branched out with the Potter franchise that much … but it’s kind of weird to think they’ve not really expanded more so already.

Ultimately, YouTubers have mixed feelings on the news of a possible Harry Potter series, but are all intrigued and interested to see in what direction WarnerMedia and HBO Max could potentially take the cherished franchise. Perhaps if we could use the Aparecium spell on the creators of this possible project, we’d get a sneak peek into what’s the come?

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