YouTubers Chime In On HBO Max News and the Future of Theaters

In the latest movie news, Warner Brothers Picture Group announced it will be releasing its 2021 slate of films exclusively to HBO Max streaming services in addition to a traditional theatrical release. Is this just the beginning shift in the way audiences now watch movies? What does this mean for other major film studios and streaming platforms? How will this impact the movie theater industry? YouTubers Chris Stuckmann, Grace Randolph from the channel Beyond the Trailer, Andre from the channel Black Nerdy Comedy and Sean O’Connell, managing director at CinemaBlend, share their thoughts on this history making move.

This is some straight up gangster right here because Warner Brothers, they dropped this. They dropped this so hard and now every other studio is going to be like ‘damn Warner, why you gotta do that to us.

A very interesting power move on behalf of Warner Brothers says Andre, who comically refers to the strategic plan as “gangsta shit” and agrees that it is the most realistic options the studio has for getting their films out there in front of audiences in a time where health and safety are a major concern for many people. Andre is also curious to see how other major movie studios will respond and possibly follow suit. Did Warner Brothers just set a new standard for movie releases?

For YouTuber Chris Stuckmann, going to the movies has always been the most preferred way to see any new film. Since the pandemic and shift in the operation of so many industries, the YouTuber now finds watching the movie in the comforts of his own home is also a nice option to have.

The difference between seeing them in theaters and at home, beyond the obvious, is kind of gargantuan for me. I started this year thinking, movie theaters are the only way I want to watch new movies and I ended this year thinking, I’m ok with options. It was weird because I’ve always been a big supporter of the theater and I still am. I miss it very much.

However, with this news of an exclusive release to HBO Max streaming alongside a theater release, the YouTuber notes this move as a way to bring the movies to a greater audience. Giving the opportunity for everyone and anyone. Not everyone is comfortable going back to the theaters or is even able to. The fact that the movies will be on streaming makes it more accessible to those who prefer the safety and comforts of their own homes.

How is this move going to impact the movie theater going experience? All of the YouTubers agree, theaters are going to see a major impact from this move.

I’ve been saying quite adamantly that movie theaters will bounce back after the pandemic, but now I’m not so sure. They’re certainly not going to ever be the same that’s for sure … I don’t know if movie theaters are over but I think the age of them doing the minimal effort is certainly over … I think movie theaters are really going to have to step up their game.

Grace Randolph predicts a rise in smaller boutique movie theaters will be the future of movie going. Because of the convenience of streaming, less people will feel the need to go to the theaters and ultimately resulting in the need for theaters to bring some sort of unique experience to draw in movie goers. She compares the disruption as similar to how ride sharing changed the taxi industry.

The movie theater experience isn’t going to completely go away, according to CinemaBlend’s managing director Sean O’Connell, who says the model will change, but not die, as movie going is deeply ingrained in our culture for socialization.

It’s a compromise that I think the movie theaters are trying to implement that benefits both the audience members and the theaters even though it’s not a huge win for theaters. I just feel that after the past eight or nine months of us dealing with delays and uncertainty … somebody had to move forward with a stronger plan that started to get these movies back in front of audiences and keep the production cycle moving.

One thing all the YouTubers can agree on, this move is a major disruption in the film industry and can be a catalyst for major change in how we watch new movies. How will all the moving parts of movie making and watching adapt to this new change from Warner Brothers? Is this the future of movies?

YouTubers Chris Stuckmann, Andre, Grace Randolph, and Sean O’Connell, rate and review movies and TV shows on their channels weekly.