YouTuber's 1st Reactions To The Men In Black Franchise

Here come the Men in Black! The Men in Black film franchise, based on the marvel comic of the same name, follows a secret government agency whose job is to protect the universe. The first film Men in Black was released in 1997, the second Men in Black II was released in 2002, the third Men in Black 3 was released in 2012 and the fourth film Men in Black: International was released in 2019. The series stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in the first three films and Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson in the fourth. YouTuber Tim from the channel TimotheeReacts has never seen any of the films and shares his first reactions to the sci-fi action comedy franchise.

I don’t know what I was expecting from this movie but it definitely wasn’t this, but ok I’ll take it.

The YouTuber goes into the first film with little to no expectations and is pleasantly surprised by how the suspense in the film catches him off guard making him jump off the edge of his seat in some scenes. He is also always surprised by each alien’s reveal from their human disguise to their natural form and even disgusted by some of the transformations: “No, no, oh my god, this is so gross. He killed him and took his skin!” There are plenty of cringey and looks of horror and repulsion after each new extraterrestrial being is introduced into the plot.

This is really ridiculous right now but this is well done for what, 1997 or so. The effects are pretty well done.

The special effects in the film are quite impressive, according to Tim, who enjoys the cool car transformation when Agent K, played by Tommy Lee Jones and Agent J, played by Will Smith are in a high speed car chase through a tunnel when their inconspicuous car turns into an almost batman superhero-like vehicle driving up the wall and away from the villains.

In the end, the film is definitely not what the YouTuber expects. The comedic tones driven by Will Smith’s character and his relationship with Tommy Lee Jones’s character hit all the marks for a laugh out loud film and the special effects created in some of the action scenes and to portray the aliens were used well making the premise of the film very entertaining, according to Tim.

Really funny movie. I liked it. Of course you got some ridiculous stuff, but the FX hold up well. Most of the stuff that could be done practical was done practical. Of course you got the alien monster at the end that was CG but apart from that, most of the stuff was done practically so I liked it.

In the second film Men in Black II, Tim finds the new role reversal between Agent K and Agent J to be humorous, but questions the film's purpose of why Agent K was neuralyzed in the first place at the end of the first film. The YouTuber notes that the film has the same comedic energy and continues to praise the performers on screen chemistry. Like the first film, he is still surprised by the alien disguises, specifically when all the workers in the post office are revealed to be aliens working alongside Agent K:

What is he doing … are they all aliens … oh god.

In a scene where the agents attempt to de-neuralyze Agent K and bring back his memories, Tim watches on in confusion as to how a home-made mickey mouse looking machine is going to help the protagonist. He laughs at the absurdity and humorous nature of the scene:

This just looks like they took anything and put it together this is ridiculous.

Ultimately, the YouTuber finds the second film in the franchise to be quite funny and notes that like the first film, it was short, funny, and unexpected:

This one I guess goes directly to the point, directly to the main plot so there’s not a ton of side story but makes for a really simple story to follow and just fun and way more light hearted.

Ten years after the release of the second film, Men in Black 3 follows the agents through a time travel storyline. The beginning of the film continues with its humorous jokes and over the top scenarios, according to Tim who laughs out loud in the scene where the agents are making a speech, saying things no normal person would say at a funeral for a fellow fallen agent.

God this is ridiculous. I kind of forgot how funny these movies were. So far it’s just really dumb, but its ok.

Towards the end of the film when it is revealed the reason Agent J doesn’t remember his father is because Agent K had wiped his memories as a child to protect him, the YouTuber is left speechless by how the film is able to bring the entire storyline full circle. Tim watches on in awe and is left feeling extremely emotional saying the unpredictable ending is what makes the movies so great.

Bruh! I can’t even say anything right now. Ugh. Oh my god. In this movie earlier, he said he never met his dad. He doesn’t remember him. Oh no he’s going to be neuralyzed! God how do you explain that to a kid?

After watching the entire series unfold from the first film to the third film, the YouTuber claims this film is definitely the most emotionally charged storyline. There were bits and pieces of more serious elements sprinkled throughout the film. An example being the discussion with the two agents ending in Agent K telling Agent J: “don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to” which was a way to foreshadow the events at the end of the film, says the YouTuber.

The ending was definitely way more impactful, way more emotional than the previous films. I think they definitely hit the mark with it. The humor again just like the other one, Will Smith humor, I absolutely loved it.

In the latest installment of the franchise Men in Black: International, the film follows two new agents: Molly, played by Tessa Thompson and Agent H, played by Chris Hemsworth. The YouTuber, having already heard some pretty negative reviews about the film, still wants to give it a fair shot and creates a cozy atmosphere with popcorn, candy and snacks to keep himself occupied while watching for the first time.

In the beginning after the introduction to Molly, Tim is surprised by how quickly she is accepted into the MIB after she infiltrated the agency and practically barged her way into becoming an agent. Compared to the past three films, where Will Smith’s character has to go through a series of trials and training, he feels the immediate reception of Molly into the MIB undermines the legitimacy of the entire agency itself, by letting in a person who just waltzed right in demanding a job.

Just like that she’s accepted? Really? Oh god. Ok, I don’t want to hate on this movie … it’s totally not because it’s a female protagonist … it’s just everything that’s happening is just too quick. We just get right into it directly, no challenge no nothing … seems too easy … I don’t know man.

In the scene where the twin aliens are being zapped and killed by MIB agents that just happen to show up in the nick of time saving Molly and Agent H, the YouTuber is taken back by the quick turn of events leaving him questioning how those agents were saved while miles and miles away from any civilization or contact with the MIB agency.a! Oh my god! What? The entire film is filled with one-word reactions from the YouTuber who in the end is sorely disappointed by how bad the film is. The storyline feels rushed and unexplained, according to the YouTuber, who says the inconsistencies and plot holes leave him with even more unanswered and unexplained theories.

YouTuber Tim from the channel TimotheeReacts, reviews and reacts to movies and TV shows on this channel regularly.