YouTubers 1st Reactions To The Lost Boys

Initiations over, Michael, it’s time to join the club. If you are a fan of the 80’s nostalgic movies, you’ll be familiar with that line from the cult classic, The Lost Boys (1987). Directed by Joel Schumacher, the film centers around two brothers, Michael and Sam, when they move to a small California town and unknowingly encounter a local gang of vampires. The movie title is in reference to the Lost Boys in stories about Peter Pan and Neverland who, similar to vampires, never grow up. The film stars Jason Patric, Corey Haim, Kiefer Sutherland, Jami Gertz, Corey Feldman, Dianne Wiest, Alex Winter and Edward Hermann. YouTubers Avaryl and Andrew from the channel MovieBitches, Tamara and Doug from the channel Channel Awesome and Ashleigh Burton, share their thoughts and first reactions to the horror comedy classic.

It’s like legit funny, it's legit kind of cool, legit dorky, legit really interesting, legit well made, legit terribly made, but it all goes together, it’s just all crazy and it’s all a blast.

A straight up 80’s movie that combines everything that doesn’t normally quite go together somehow going together perfectly, says the YouTubers from Channel Awesome, who watches the film for the first time. As a first-time watcher, Doug notices the film having two very different tones: one of the young boy trying to fit into a new life and the other of teenage angst pining for a girl whilst trying to fend off vampires. The juxtaposition of the two tones seem to balance each other out well creating so much fun, according to Doug and Tamara.

It seemed like there were two movies constantly fighting for attention … one was an awkward moving in, little kids getting used to town and then, just like this teenage angst vampire movie and they were so different that of course they went together … it’s this perfect seesaw of oddness.

Tamara and Doug can’t get over how strangely entertained they are by the film. With some quirky moments and vampires bleeding out glitter, it is definitely a movie they both are now a fan of.

It was out of this world hilarious, weird as hell and so funny.

One aspect of the movie some of the YouTubers notice is the “rules of being a vampire.” The film takes on different vampire lore aspects that seem to confuse YouTuber Ashleigh Burton about what vampires are capable of in this universe. She comments on the scene when Michael (Jason Patric) hangs out with The Lost Boys in their cave eating what he thinks is Chinese takeout, but then looks again and it turns into maggots and worms.

Oh oh he is oh! But now it’s rice. How did that happen? I don’t understand what’s happening. Like he has mind control?

Can vampires control your thoughts? Can they make you see things that aren’t there? Don’t they just go around biting people’s necks? Burton sarcastically remarks she must not be knowledgeable in enough vampire lore to understand the actions of the vampires, which is also due to the lack of explanations in the story.

Just like that it's over? I am so confused. Maybe I don’t know what vampires can do. I thought they just flew around and killed people. These ones have like mind control and can make you see stuff. I clearly am not well versed in the world of vampires.

In the end, Burton is very confused over whether the film is a comedy or a horror because she finds aspects of both throughout the film laughing out loud at times and also jumping from other more terrifying and suspenseful scenes.

What did I just watch? Had some good laughs. Some good one liners. There were some really cheap jump scares. Was this like a well-known movie in the 80’s? … I’m not mad that I watched it but like why?

Another aspect of the movie that really stands out is the 80’s dirty punk rocker glam vibe seen through the set designs, the costumes worn by the characters and even the lighting that creates a certain type of mood throughout the entire film. YouTuber Avaryl from the channel MovieBitches points out her love of the 80’s fashion on full display in the film.

I do miss the ostentatiousness of 80’s fashion. I mean Alex Winter’s jacket is a piece of art … it’s like how to make an American quilt but the punk rock version and I was fascinated and I just really miss that sort of thrash ostentatious just like my hair is fucking ugly and I’m wearing eight coats and they don’t fit … I appreciated it.

The YouTubers note when the film was being shot, there was a small budget and it is very apparent in the editing, yet the film is still able to fully capture the gritty tone it is going for. When you’re working with a smaller budget, you have to start getting creative, according to the YouTubers. YouTuber Andrew talks about the use of lighting on David (Kiefer Sutherland) as an example of the film's ability to stress and spotlight the glamor horror aspect in each of the scenes again setting the vibe of a mysterious group of “cool” guys lurking around the neighborhood.

This was confusing to me because Kiefer Sutherland is just constantly very brightly lit as if there was a spotlight at all times … another glamor trick that he’s like I’m going to make you see me in a spotlight … he’s the star.

The Lost Boys is one of Avaryl’s favorite vampire movies and she describes it as over the top, funny, campy and fun gore.

YouTubers Avaryl and Andrew from MovieBitches, Tamara and Doug from Channel Awesome and Ashleigh Burton, rate and review movies and TV shows on their channels regularly.