YouTubers First Reactions to Jurassic Park

Welcome to Jurassic Park! In the Steven Spielberg blockbuster Jurassic Park (1993), paleontologists Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler, along with mathematician Ian Malcolm are granted special access to tour an island theme park populated by genetically created dinosaurs founded by billionaire John Hammond. Science enthusiast Hammond creates genetically engineered prehistoric dinosaurs by extracting some of their DNA from blood samples within ancient mosquitos that have been preserved in amber over millions of years. Directed by Steven Spielberg and music by John Williams, the film stars Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern, Richard Attenborough, Ariana Richards, Joseph Mazzello, BD Wong, Wayne Knight and Samuel L. Jackson. Since its hit in the box office, the film is the first of five movies in the franchise. YouTubers Tim from the channel TimotheeReacts, Lakia from Lakia Jai TV and Nassar, watch and react to the classic adventure film.

This movie has a lot of deep messages. I am so surprised by how they’re portraying cloning. How they’re portraying playing god. It’s something that I didn’t expect to see with this film. I genuinely thought this movie was going to be an adventure movie where kids discover dinosaurs. I had no idea that It was an actual manufactured park where they manufactured dinosaurs and it’s not only inhumane but it goes against human nature and its really interesting to see them portray that so overtly.

Definitely not what he expects in a movie advertised about dinosaurs, says YouTuber Nassar, who initially believes the film is a kids adventure story and is surprised to find a deeper message behind the plot. Just because we have the knowledge and capabilities to do something, does it mean it's morally right to do so?

Claiming Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) as his favorite character, he is in agreement with the characters beliefs, who questions the logistics and morality of creating such creatures who the character says nature choose through natural selection to become extinct for a reason:

That’s madness. That can’t be real. That’s crazy. I’m in disbelief.

YouTuber Lakia also makes a side note about actor Jeff Goldblum and is surprised to see him in the film:

Goldblum looking real good when he was young. He’s not even bad looking these days.

Lakia is intrigued by the idea of being able to clone dinosaurs to bring them back to life. Though the thought of it makes her very curious as to whether or not it should be done and why in the world anyone would want to put themselves in a dangerous position to do so. She questions if this concept did exist, would she be on board with it?

It's an interesting concept. The thought of trying to bring dinosaurs from extinction. The concept is interesting. Should it be done? Probably not, but it kind of makes you wish and kind of makes you think like what if someone could do that. Create a park with real dinosaurs. Would you go? Would you stay home?

One thing YouTuber Tim knows for sure is “when you mess with nature, it’s going to bite back!” He doesn’t expect the film to be so intense and at one point feels the film is turning into a crazy horror movie. This is especially apparent in the scene where the velociraptors are cleverly hunting down the remaining characters in the Jurassic Park main facility because of their intelligence evolution that was given to them from their genetically modified DNA:

Bro they’re so smart. They understand that they’re up there! Oh god this is so stressful! Seriously that little girl is going to be traumatized for the rest of her life.

Nassar foreshadows the outcome of embarking on such a risky undertaking of bringing back to life an extinct species that could have major repercussions:

This is going to go so badly and I’m so excited to see it all fall to pieces. This is going to go so badly. I’m loving this movie so far.

For an early 90’s film, the visual effects are quite impressive, according to Tim and Nassar. Tim is surprised by how realistic the dinosaurs look, especially with all the intricate details everywhere from their visual appearance to their sounds and movements. The film’s usage of both special CGI effects and practical effects are sometimes difficult to distinguish because everything seemed so realistic:

I don’t know why but I had in my mind that this movie was in the late 90's but it was actually the early 90's. I’m actually pretty impressed by the visual effects. I know a ton of this had to be practical … it was really well done … I’m actually pretty surprised.

One aspect Tim is a little confused about is what role Dennis (Wayne Knight) plays in the film. However, he soon discovers that Dennis is essentially the “villain” out to steal the dinosaur embryos and make a profit by selling them to potential buyers.

What is he doing? Is he about to steal some information? Oh now I get it, the dude that he was meeting in the beginning, he was trying to buy stuff from him is that it? Oh ok. So basically, he’s just stealing embryos and trying to sell them and make the profit.

After watching the same scene of Dennis creating chaos in the lab and trying to run away without getting caught, Nassar predicts his eventual demise and Lakia goes even further to say “whatever happens to him is well deserved.” Both YouTubers are shocked, a little disturbed but satisfied with the downfall of this character who is poisoned and then eaten by a dinosaur.

In the second half of the film, Lakia finds herself very sympathetic to the children during the whole ordeal. Especially Timmy, who seems to be in great danger in one scene after another. This kid can’t seem to catch a break!

Wow Timmy is going through it. Why are we doing this to Timmy … Timmy was trapped by a car, had his foot stuck, then fell … poor Timmy just been through it.

The suspense and action in the film leaves Nassar extremely anxious and at some points during the second half, has him speechless and jaw dropped as well as his hands covering his mouth in shock from the twisted turn of events. Do dinosaurs eat people? Do dinosaurs eat other dinosaurs? Did you see how violent that was?

If anything jumps out at me I’m going to lose it. I’m not having this. I’m stressed guys.

One element of the film that is recognizable by all the YouTubers is the music and iconic theme song. Despite having no background or previous knowledge about the film itself, the theme song has become so iconic in pop culture that the YouTubers immediately recognize it as being associated with this film.

Nassar notes the movie logo of Jurassic Park is also another pop culture visual reference he has seen before:

The logo is so cool. I mean it’s so well known. So even though I haven’t seen the movies the logo is just something I identify with which just shows how iconic the movies become. Amazing.

Ultimately, a great movie all the YouTubers were not expecting and would definitely re-watch again.

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