YouTuber Makes His Friend Watch Star Wars For The First Time

Star Wars virgins, those who have never seen a single Star Wars movie, certainly do exist. One up and coming YouTuber, Holden Hardman, decided to get his friend Matt Lane, a fitness junkie and Star Wars virgin, to join the fandom. The good friend Holden is, he decided to have weekly Star Wars watch parties with friends to try to win over Matt. Did he succeed?

I will never have this experience again ... and you get it right now.

Holden wanted to witness the effect Star Wars would have on Matt who hadn't been into many movies but was open minded about the whole idea of trying to enter the Star Wars fandom. Although he hadn't been oblivious to all the Star Wars references growing up, he didn't know anything in terms of the meanings or story behind them. One note that Holden has heard many comments about, and possibly a quite controversial decision ... he decided to show Matt every film in episodic order starting with Episode I The Phantom Menace to Episode VIII The Last Jedi.

We're going to get flak for the order ... and lo and behold, that is the number one complaint.

After The Phantom Menace, Matt gave a tough but fair review. Even within the fandom Episode I isn't considered the best by many so he was destined to have a rough start learning about midichlorians and taxation of space trade routes. Not much mention of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin, Yoda, or Padmé but he seemed to love Darth Maul, not a hard thing to not like. But overall, he found everything else to be "overpowering to the senses". Despite his lack of faith, Matt claimed "I really don't see me falling in love with this" but Holden stayed optimistic assuring him he will "by the end". The one moment from his review that has become a running joke on Holden's channel is Matt's flub of Qui-Gon Jinn's name or as he said, "Bygone Jim". It has become such a notable insider term for their channel that all other movies reviewed by them are said to have "Bygone Jim" moments when something meaningful is said.

What's his face had an awesome line ... Bygone Jim?

With Attack Of The Clones down, how did Matt fare with what is often ranked as the worst of the prequels? Did Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman's chemistry work to pull off Anakin and Padmé rolling in the grass? Far from it as he seemed very confused. This is where being tainted with some references contributed to the confusion like having seen Luke Skywalker's hand being cut off and the reveal of Darth Vader being his father. He was confused as to why it was Anakin's hand that was cut off by Dooku and seemed to have anticipated Vader way too early.

Why hasn't Darth even been mentioned yet?

Holden had his hopes up for Revenge Of The Sith and it did deliver for Matt, compared to the previous two that is. Still, his lukewarm review was that it was "overstimulating" but he did finally get his Darth Vader reveal. "I don't love it, but I give a crap" was the best review Matt had given thus far and like Yoda to Luke Holden assured him, "you will ... you will".

The next addition is a departure from the saga as Holden decided to insert a Rogue One viewing. It's probably debatable as to whether or not showing a Star Wars virgin Rogue One in the middle of the saga was a good idea, especially considering Matt was already having a tough time following. Matt's review?

I don't know what happened ... I don't know what's going on.

Onto A New Hope, or as Holden put it "our last hope" for Matt to love Star Wars. To his credit, Matt seemed genuinely interested in witnessing and respecting the original George Lucas creation that kicked off a cultural phenomenon in 1977. Could the original trio of Luke, Han, and Leia do it for him? His overall positive review at the end seemed to prove that the classic never fails as he "enjoyed the simplicity" but at the same time found the lightsaber duel also too simple. It seemed Mark Hamill's Luke Skywalker had some effect when he gave possibly the best review unwittingly quoting Star Wars dialog like a true nerd:

I used to shoot womp rats with my T-16 back home ... that was just great!

Empire Strikes Back is Holden's favorite so when Matt questioned at the end of it "I don't know why everyone likes Star Wars as much as they do", Holden and friends get into deep explanation hoping to reign Matt back in. Having already known Leia and Luke were siblings, perhaps the kiss grossed him out of the fandom. Could Carrie Fisher strangling Jabba The Hut win him back, or maybe the Ewoks and some yub nub? Unfortunately, by the time they finished Return of the Jedi, it seemed the original trilogy had lost all hopes and Holden and friends could do nothing but shake their heads.

18 different stories going on at the same time ... so damn long.

Next up, the sequel trilogy with new direction under J.J. Abrams, The Force Awakens. Holden deemed it to be a "good but ultimately a rehash of Episode IV" which was a common critique by many. With all the new characters of Rey, Finn, Poe, and Kylo Ren, would it be too much for him to follow?

Best one yet ... I give that an 8 out of 10.

Perhaps Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver delivered the goods for Matt that the next one would work just as well. The next one up was Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi, undoubtedly the most divisive movie of all nine. Holden started it off with giving a sarcastic cheer as he and his friends seemingly weren't fans of it. Possibly the only time Matt agreed with Holden and friends was after this movie.

The last one (Episode VII) was the least worst ... this one (Episode VIII) was all over the place.

Despite it ending pretty grim for converting Matt over to the fandom, there was one final hope with The Rise of Skywalker. Holden and Matt were able to watch it in theaters and Matt had even dressed up as a Jedi for the occasion. Based on the Rotten Tomatoes score and general fan reactions, Episode IX hasn't had a consensus of love nor hate by critics and the fandom at large. Did the franchise pull it off in the end for Matt?

Episode 9 was really really really good!

Was it the Reylo kiss, Chewbacca getting a medal, or perhaps Babu Frik that won him over? It's not very clear but the magic of the movie theater experience seemed to be a big factor. No doubt he had come a long way from "Bygone Jim" to now cosplaying as Luke Skywalker in a theater and really enjoying the full sensory experience having gone to an IMAX.

I got dressed up as somebody ... Luke! I got dressed up as Luke.

At the end of it all it seemed the Star Wars franchise was able to give Matt a fun ride for Episode IV, VII, and IX. And of course there's always some joy in the dark side of hating and debating with a group of friends which he did for the other six movies. Perhaps his greatest contribution to the fandom is enduring the negative comments as one usually gets when opining on everyone's beloved Star Wars. Away from all the friends, he did give his own personal reflection trying to make sense of how nostalgia plays into it comparing it to his own childhood favorite movie Top Gun.

My friends ... had never seen Top Gun ... said a few negative things about it ... and it hurt my feelings ... that's exactly how Star Wars folks must feel.

Despite not being a fan of the series, Matt has said the "Bygone Jim" quotes from Star Wars are some of his favorites particularly the infamous ones by Yoda — "do or do not, there is no try" and "the greatest teacher failure is". Perhaps if there's anything at all to gain from Star Wars, these two quotes are it.

Since the Star Wars videos, Holden and Matt have continued their "My Friend Watches for the First Time" series with other franchises such as Harry Potter, The Dark Knight Trilogy, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Their series can be found on Holden's channel along with other movie commentary he has like this hilarious one on Halloween II. Matt's channel has special behind the scenes videos with Holden that show how much fun they have making their videos.