Is Work It Just Another Dance Movie Or A New Classic?

Step Up, Bring it On, and Save the Last Dance: these were all popular dance movies for the millennial generation. In the Netflix original film Work It, director Laura Terruso and writer Alison Peck are bringing a new dance movie to the latest generation, generation Z. The film stars Sabrina Carpenter as the studious Quinn; who is trying to make her way to her dream university, YouTuber star Liza Koshy as Jasmine; the best friend and aspiring dancer, and Jordan Fisher as Jake Taylor; a former all star dancer who reluctantly decides to help Quinn win the Work It dance competition. YouTubers Austin Burke, Perri Nemiroff, Alex Meyers and James Profetto from the channel Reel James, share their thoughts on this dance/teen-comedy/romance flick.

Truth be told this movie’s really not that bad … it doesn’t do anything wrong or poorly necessarily … the whole premise really doesn’t make any sense at all … it’s one of those movies that it follows every trope and every story beat from any of these kinds of movies.

YouTuber Alex Meyers describes this film as the most typical teen trope filled movie, that is as expected. He goes on to say the movie doesn’t necessarily miss any marks per say because it is targeting a specific audience, but at the same time it doesn’t bring anything new or inspiring either. In a similar argument, YouTuber James Profetto reiterates that the film is meant to be a light-hearted film aimed at the younger audience who just want to be entertained and have fun with it.

You got to temper your expectations here. This is a movie in a teenage atmosphere … so don’t come thinking you’re going to get a concrete story like an Oscar worthy drama; however, this serves its purpose … it’s just fun and carefree in the best way possible.

Despite being a familiar teen dance movie, YouTuber Perri Nemiroff does find the film only explores the plot themes on a very surface level way. When and why did Isaiah/Julliard, played by Keiynan Lonsdale, transition into a less “villainy” character? How did Jake become so all or nothing after giving up on his dreams of dancing? Did Quinn end up going to Duke or did she find an alternative school?

I thought the movie set up why she wants to go to Duke very well, but I would have liked to have spent a little more time with her considering or wrestling with the alternatives.

The film is just throwing out characters for the sake of having characters and fails to get into any real character development that gives the sense of connection and understanding the audience is looking for, says Meyers.

Jas and Quinn then go around recruiting a couple kids for the dance team like emo girl and karate guy and just a bunch of other people that we learn nothing about and have no reason to care for.

Starring some of today’s hottest new actors, the casting of the film is one to be praised, according to the YouTubers. Nemiroff feels like Carpenter does a great job in her portrayal of a young and earnest student trying to realize her dreams and notes Carpenter’s and Koshy’s quirky chemistry plays off well on screen. Profetto agrees saying the great chemistry between the cast really translated effectively to each of the roles they played.

I love Sabrina Carpenter and Jordan Fisher together. I think they had a believable romance. And I just was rooting for them.

Being a dance movie, we can’t forget about the dance sequences! YouTuber Austin Burke finds much of the choreography to be surprisingly entertaining. The cast really brought some fun dance moves on screen. Especially Jordan Fisher, “the man can dance!” Echoing similar sentiments, Profetto enjoys the different styles of dancing that are introduced and that though some of the characters don’t necessarily express themselves through dialogue, they are able to do it through dancing.

For the most part every dance is not only well choreographed, it’s also really well filmed.

However, as great as some of the dance moments were, many of the YouTubers feel the last act with the final dance sequence at the Work It competition was underwhelming and didn’t get enough buzz surrounding the final dance off. For a movie being about dancing, shouldn’t the last dance scene be the most epic, intense and spectacular?

The last act at the work it dance competition … it felt anticlimactic to me.

So despite some of the super cheesy dialogue and super cliché tropes, the YouTubers gave the film a “not too bad” rating saying it is a movie that is expected to appeal to a specific audience and it does exactly what it says it’s going to do; be a fun, easy to watch, teen-comedy, romance, dance flick.

YouTubers Alex Meyers, James Profetto from the channel Reel James, Perri Nemiroff and Austin Burke rate and review new movies and TV shows on their channels weekly.