Who You Gonna Call? 1-800-1st-Reactions To The 80s Ghostbusters

“If there’s something weird, and it don’t look good, who you gonna call?” Sound familiar? Ghostbusters was released in 1984 and is revered as one of the most iconic films in pop culture. The iconic theme song has become a cultural reference spanning over decades. YouTubers Storm Akima along with her mother and friend Kim, The Geek Awakens, Renegade Media Group and their friend Heather, and Eric Carter watched Ghostbusters for the first time and gave their initial thoughts on the film.

So here’s one thing about this film…this film has been quoted so much ever since its release that it’s almost ridiculous.

Ghostbusters is one of Renegade Media Group’s most favorite films. Their friend Heather, who is the first time watcher, had always been intrigued by the film because of the many cultural references she grew up hearing. The YouTubers claimed that the film was so iconic that future films and TV shows sampled and pulled different elements from the movie and incorporated it into their own projects. While watching, Heather had her “Ah ha” moment when she was finally able to understand the reference “dogs and cats living together in mass hysteria” as her friends simultaneously repeated the line in sync with the movie.

YouTuber The Geek Awakens and Storm Akima both felt that though this was supposed to be a comedy, there were many parts of the film that were scary and were more along the lines of thriller/horror film:

That was so freaky, I remember this as a kid, and it freaked the heck out of me…that’s freaking scary.

Storm Akima commented on how she had seen bits and pieces of the film as a kid and the giant marshmallow monster who had a huge smiley face but at the same time was destroying the city would creep her out. The Geek Awakens also felt the film wasn’t as comedic as it claimed to be, “this is supposed to be a comedy, this is a scary movie.”

In contrast, YouTuber Eric Carter found many parts of the film to be hilarious due to the film’s usage of subtle comedic tones that were delivered so well and so naturally:

And what’s really impressive about the scene is that it is very subtle, there is hardly anyone talking out loud…yet there is still so much comedic elements going on in the scene that it makes you laugh…that is so impressive that they could manage to achieve something like that.

He also enjoyed how Peter and Louis brought a hilarious tone to the movie every time Louis locked himself out of his apartment and Peter’s lack of emotion and nonchalant attitude every time there was chaos happening around him.

One aspect of the film all the YouTubers agreed on were the great actors in the film. Accomplished actors Sigourney Weaver from Aliens and Bill Murray from Meatballs, along with Dan Aykroyd, Rick Moranis and Harold Ramis, portrayed their characters brilliantly and made for an entertaining group dynamic.

This film was released back in the 80’s when special effects were still in development. The YouTubers agreed that despite the limited technology, the ghosts in this film were actually pretty cool, “the visuals were pretty cool, I like how they did the ghost.” The level of special effects on this film does not compare to today's standards but Renegade Media Group felt that though visuals were a bit dated and at times felt really cheesy looking, that aspect is what made the film so unique and enjoyable. It gave parts of the film that creepy and spooky aspect it was going for:

It’s so bad, but it’s so good at the same time, like it’s that right level of cheesy.

Carter thought that ghosts had a very unique design that really set the stage for other ghost movies in that whenever you saw another ghost from a different movie, you would know right away it was a similar type of ghost from Ghostbusters.

A critique of the film that bothered The Geek Awakens was that it took a while before the storyline got to the main idea of the film, which was ghostbusting. She was 30 minutes into the movie and it seemed slow to move to any action,

Where is all the ghost busting in this Ghostbusters movie?

This was in comparison to Carter, who was very impressed and felt the movie was well rounded in the way the storyline and plot were developed:

Story telling, character development, and all that immediately is so ingeniously done in this first Ghostbusters movie.

One big aspect of the film that bothered YouTubers Storm Akima and Eric Carter was the fact that the film was rated as PG. They felt that there were a lot of elements of the film that were somewhat sexually explicit and perhaps too mature for an audience of PG rated films:

I think you mentioned too Kim, that you were kind of shocked at the rating that it was PG, which I agree…in a couple things they would say sexually…how violence was rated back then is just different than it is now…sexually the comments they were making in this was a bit surprising.

Carter also agreed, especially in the scene where Dana is being possessed by this demon ghost who makes her character seem more sexually aroused. Carter thought the character just become super awkward and probably too suggestive for a family film,

For a family movie I felt that was gearing towards something a bit too suggestive…I found it comfortable…maybe back then it was more creepy but now it’s not creepy, it just comes off as weird.

For the first time watchers, Ghostbusters was an enjoyable film playing on the subtle comedic tones and overall fun and energetic vibe. They were able to put together all the cultural references and quotes from the movie into context and gave the film high ratings. YouTubers Storm Akima, The Geek Awakens, Renegade Media Group and Eric Carter review and rate movies on their channels every week.