The Movie Couple Reviews Mulan 2020

Disney live action fans can finally catch Mulan on the Disney+ streaming service after it was released last week. The new film stars Yifei Liu as Mulan, Gong Li as Xian Lang, Jason Scott Lee as Bori Khan and Tzi Ma as Hua Zhou, Mulan’s father. Does the new live action remake live up to its critically acclaimed animated counterpart? YouTubers Wendy and Dustin from the channel The Movie Couple, share their thoughts on the classic Disney remake.

And that’s the thing about all of the other Disney live action movies, is the fact that most of them were remakes of the cartoon. This one was very much more along the lines of retelling the story of Mulan, retelling the legend of her.

Both YouTubers feel the film did an exceptional job in creating a different story of the Mulan ballad. It wasn’t a shot for shot remake of the original animated film, but instead a different interpretation. In the new film, Mulan is given a different and new characteristic making her stand out more and feel more unique, according to the YouTubers.

In this movie they gave Mulan something a little different that stood out very much so away from the animated, which was her chi. Mulan has a chi about her.

They enjoy how this new characteristic element is added to Mulan, making her seem above average and exceptional because it is not a trait that women typically posses in this era where they are not meant to have such strength and power. An example of this is shown in the training scene when Mulan is easily able to manipulate her weapons and naturally fight so fluidly, shocking her fellow comrades.

Overall, because of the amazing cinematography, Dustin rates the film as a “matinee it”, while Wendy, who likes the different spin on the Mulan story, rates the film as a “check it out.”

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