Tiger King Is Batshit Crazy Says Everyone

While the hype for Joe Exotic was and still is crazy, some people avoided watching the Netflix Documentary, like me.

Perhaps it was the endless memes we saw when it first came out that killed the mood for many to see it according to YouTuber Jeremy Jahns.

All I knew was there were a lot of memes over the weekend. This show got memed the fuck out.

Looking at the reactions from four YouTubers, it gives anyone who hasn’t seen it a slight interest.

YouTuber Austin Burke confirms that this is not a predictable documentary movie and you should expect the unexpected.

You would learn something new about one of these characters and you would just be in awe of how ... crazy the individuals involved are ... and how crazy the events become.

For anyone who hasn’t watched Tiger King, you might relate to YouTuber Pretty Much It as he is watching the Netflix series for the first time.

Jeremy Jahns gets hooked the second he sees Joe Exotic and his unique look and attire.

He’s like Joe Dirt and Yosemite Sam had a kid with Siegfried and Roy.

YouTubers The Normies catch something they didn’t originally see and that is Zookeeper Kelci “Saff” Saffery is missing her left arm in the interview. Pretty Much It caught that from the get-go.

The word on the street is that Caroline Baskin is crazy and The Normies quickly confirm that when she talks about the Tigers going from friendly to deadly in one second.

She’s so happy talking about getting her face ripped off.

Baskin theory is proven when a clip is shown in the documentary of Saff arm ripped off as Joe Exotic tries to help her. Seff returns to work about a week later.

The Normies become shocked by Bhagavan “Doc” Antle biting the lip of a lion despite being the director of The Institute for Greatly Endangered and Rare Species.

The Normies also become shocked when one of Antle employees drag a Lynx. They suspect the animals are drugged.

While all three groups are different when it comes to their animals, Burke doesn’t feel they are too different when it comes to exploiting their animals for money.

Joe Exotic may have been a good guy with good intentions at first, but as Burke brings up, as he became more famous, Joe's head got bigger, which led him to run for the President of the United States. Burke adds that his large ego got him caught in some puzzle pieces like hiring a hitman to kill Carole Baskin.

The opinions of Joe Exotic changes from the beginning to the end by The Normies as Joe Exotic gets crazier and crazier when he is pinned to the wall or intimidated.

Burke also mentions that Baskin intentions are good at first, but the elephant in the room appears in later episodes about her missing husband and the connection she has to that.

While Baskin and Joe Exotic go after each other, they are no different and Jahns explains that. All they want to do is make profits from their animals. Everyone around them is just as shady.

It’s bad decisions made by egomaniacs accompanied by other egomaniacs who helped along the other bad decisions and made other bad decisions.

The shock from The Normies continues when they see kids next to Lions and Tigers in a photo op at the mall or talk show host like Jay Leno near the face of a Lion.

Burke is on the same page as The Normies as he explains you want to root for Joe Exotic, but you can’t because of the wreckage he brings or is discovered.

The Normies mention that while Antle is doing something similar to Joe Exotic, Antle seems to be more professional and isn’t looking for profits all around the country like Joe.

Something that people who have never seen the documentary may not know is that Joe Exotic attempted a country music career and Burke finds that as well as Joe music videos humorous.

While Pretty Much It thinks Joe Exotic has a great voice, he was freaked out about his song about Baskin killing her husband.

NO! He wrote a country song about her feeding her husband to the tigers. This is ... holy fucking shit! This is incredible!

The big part of this documentary that everyone agrees is that everyone here is crazy and doing this for their own benefit.

After watching the first episode, you may think you know where this is headed, but Burke recommends to keep watching as it takes many turns.

Jahns says it is the bus fire you can’t take your eyes off of.

If there is anything you can take from this is that the old saying cat people are crazy is very true.

The Normies post various types of video numerous times a day. Austin Burke posts one video a day and most of them focus on review of shows and movies on streaming networks. Pretty Much It posts two videos a month, but you won’t see a lot of reviews on shows these days. Jeremy Jahns posts movie reviews three times a week on his channel.