The Ruby Tuesday Reviews Unknown Origins

Netflix’s Unknown Origins is not your average superhero movie. Directed by David Galan Galindo, set in Madrid, Spain, the film follows David (Javier Rey), a detective who is assisted by his mentor’s comic book loving son Jorge (Brays Efe), in their attempts to capture a serial killer on the loose. YouTuber The Ruby Tuesday reviews the latest Netflix film.

I really don’t know what to do with this film. It feels very confused. I enjoyed it, but I do feel it was a little bit long, I also feel like it’s been done before … I like where it goes in the end but it also feels very slapstick.

The only way to describe this film is equal parts Batman (1989), equal parts Seven (1995) and equal parts “what the hell is this film”, says the YouTuber. With an interesting premise of combining parts from a superhero film, a serial killer film and a horror/mystery film, the YouTuber feels Unknown Origins is a confusing mash up that doesn’t find a cohesive flow. The YouTuber notes that though the concept of mixing genres is unique, it is probably the only driving factor in the film.

So you’re going to have one set of demographics that wants to watch it because it’s a superhero film … and then you have another demographic where it’s a serial killer film and actually, there’s a story in there and I feel like if they concentrated on that and made it less tongue and cheek … the story would have been really interesting.

Despite the film's attempt to create a quirky tongue and cheek crime mystery, the YouTuber feels much of the plot and story line is out of place and can only be enjoyed if not taken seriously. There are two separate films in this movie and it has a weird balance, according to the YouTuber, who gives Unknown Origins a C rating.

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