The Ruby Tuesday Reviews The Paramedic (El Practicante)

In the new Netflix thriller, The Paramedic (El Practicante), Angel, played by Mario Casas, suffers a serious accident which then leads him further into a downward spiral as his obsessive mind begins to slowly unravel. YouTuber The Ruby Tuesday shares his thoughts on the Spanish film directed by Carles Torras.

There’s a massive amount of foreboding and tonal distention around every scene you see him in. If you saw this guy walking around the street and he looked at you the way he looks at every single person you would think wow I’m going to cross the street.

Angel’s intensity and obsessive behavior really comes across in the character through the actor’s performance, according to the YouTuber, who felt if he were to encounter this person in real life, he would have a very cautious reaction.

Despite the fairly average run time of about 90 minutes or so, the film feels very long and drawn out, says The Ruby Tuesday. He describes it as feeling long winded with a lot of watching and observing, and a lot of did you do this and did you do that type of scenes he feels could have been left out.

I feel like there isn’t actually much story here. You get this inciting incident; you see where it’s going to go and it feels like they should have chopped out a lot to kind of keep the pace moving along much quicker.

Overall, the YouTuber feels the movie had a great performance by the lead actor, a surprising ending in which he thought to himself “wow, that’s darker than I thought”, but finds that other films in this genre were better and gives this intense thriller a C+ rating.

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