The Movie Couple Reviews Tigertail

In his first feature film debut, director Alan Yang describes Tigertail as loosely based on the story of his family and the sacrifices made when coming to the United States. The Netflix film follows Pin-Jui, played by Tzi Ma, through his life from a young boy raised by a single mother in Taiwan to his journey to America and decisions that shape his relationship today with his daughter Angela, played by Christine Ko. YouTubers Wendy and Dustin from the channel The Movie Couple, review and react to the Netflix drama.

This is why it’s so important to tell stories like this, it really makes us more connected, more understanding about the human condition, it's true no matter where you’re from.

For Wendy, who is Taiwanese and was born and raised in Taiwan, the film really hits close to home as she feels a lot of parallels and similarities to her own life. The YouTuber enjoys the fact that the film is multi-generational giving life accounts from different aspects of Pin-Jui’s life as well as how it relates to and translates to Angela’s life.

That’s what I liked about this movie when I said it was multi-generational … we see him being young and his relationship with his mom … his relationship with this other girl versus the person who he actually wants to be with, to what his relationship now with his daughter where he’s just trying to push her to be the best.

Both YouTubers believe the film did an exceptional job in conveying the message of communication. Especially among the older generation who have gone through trauma and often do not speak of them, opening up and talking to others about where you come from is an important step to understanding each other, says Wendy and Dustin.

What is the solution for these kinds of situations that millions of people are constantly in. The answer is tell your story. To talk to people, to communicate, to be able to help people understand where you’re coming from, I think is what they’re trying to push.

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