The Office: Worst And Best Moments

I’m sure the second someone mentions The Office, the show’s jingle starts playing in your head.

While The Office is now an instant classic, YouTuber captainmidnight says it is no surprise that the flavor of the show was lost in the last two seasons with the departure of their main star.

It really limped along after the departure of its star Steve Carell. The show eventually transformed into a more cartoonish and less funny version of itself.

Sean Chandler ranks the ninth and last season of the sitcom as the worst season. Most show's last season are normally the worst as the mojo from the show is gone, but Chandler gives credit to the return of the show's main characters like Michael Scott.

The last episode of the season, which is the last episode of the series, is actually quite good. They hit all of the right nostalgia buttons and brought back Steve Carell for just the perfect amount. You wanted to see him one last time. So, the final episode was quite good..the rest of the season however, I find borderline unwatchable.

Chandler also adds that it felt like they lost the purpose of the show in the last season.

Captainmidnight adds that while it is sad to see a show everyone loves decline, it is the norm for many shows when they’re at the end of the series.

Perhaps Season Eight should have been a clue that the best times of the show were in the past as Chandler ranks this season as the second worst. Chandler explains while it would be different with Carell gone from the show, you still were rooting for the rest of the cast like Andy Bernard, played by Ed Helms, taking over the main spot. The show didn’t really deliver and Chandler explains that it may have been because of the new characters like Robert California.

Entertain the Elk also adds on California as being the camel that broke the series back.

Robert California never really fit with the rest of the show. His personality, which was at first dominating and overbearing, quickly evolved to aloof creepiness.

Now while season seven was probably the third worst season according to Chandler's list, it is not that bad as the worst two seasons took a dip after year seven. Chandler adds that outside of Michael Scott leaving Dunder Mifflin, this season didn’t have many memorable moments, but the Michael Scott sendoff and the introduction of new regional manager Deangelo Vickers, played by Will Ferrell, may have been a sign that the show would start to decline.

Chandler mentions that while Season Five had some great moments and episodes like the relationship with Scott and Human Resource Rep Holly Flax, the company picnic, the arrival of corporate employee Charles Miner, and Pam Beasley finding out that she is pregnant with John Krasinski's Jim Halpert's child, there weren’t enough memorable moments in comparison to other favorable seasons. Plus the Michael Scott Paper Company doesn’t play out as well as you hoped. Chandler also says what brings this season down is they didn’t focus enough on Michael and Holly's relationship.

While Chandler found Season Six to be a hit, Entertain the Elk mentions that the Niagara episode where Jim and Pam get married is the moment the show declines or in his words, dies. The will they, won’t they of Jim and Pam is what kept people watching. Once they got married, the show ran out of ideas. The show looked for new office couples and may have overdone it. This is where the decline occurred and it sank deeper when Michael left.

Season One was a tough season as The Office was trying to figure out the direction of the show and the characters in it as Chandler explains.

They were still trying to figure out the tone and the vibe they were going for, how similar or different did they want to be from the original Office from the UK.

Like the dry humor in the UK Office, you see some of that in Season One as they try to get their own path going according to Chandler. The path started with the basketball game, the diversity episode and while the humor is different compared to other seasons, it gave us an idea of what the show is going to be in the next eight seasons.

Entertain the Elk mentions that the pilot episode is normally the episode you don’t judge because it just focuses on the introduction of the characters and the plot for the series, so the first episode is just the icebreaker. He adds that the episodes improved, but the series' early popularity didn’t pick up. It would get the attention it needed thanks to Steve Carell's big movie role along with jumping out of the television screen.

Two things would happen in the next few months that went hand in hand in saving The Office from cancellation. The release of The 40 Year-Old Virgin, which made Steve Carell an overnight superstar and oddly enough the release of the fifth generation iPod, also known as the iPod Video.

Entertain the Elk would also add that some shows that struggled, stayed alive with the help of the DVD collections while shows like The Office benefited from getting their content on the iPod Videos.

Season Three picked up from the second season and kept the shenanigans going according to Chandler like the episode Gay Witch Hunt. This season took risks with the season being split in two with a main character going to another office while adding new characters like Andy and Karen Filippelli, played by Rashida Jones. The love triangle with Pam, Jim and Karen feels real and not scripted.

Season Four is a season where you can’t pinpoint a favorite moments like Ryan Howard's promotion and growing ego or the beginning of the Jim and Pam relationship, but Chandler makes the mention of the awkward dinner. Chandler would also say that this season threw everything into the first half and ran out of ideas in the second half. It didn’t help that a writer strike got in the way of deadlines.

While Chandler ranked the fourth season as the third best season, captainmidnight gave the top spot to season four as it clicked and it worked even if the show was extended to an hour. Captainmidnight also adds that this is up for debate as the first half of the series was the best and it’s tough to pick the best season when it was so equally funny.

Captainmidnight biggest breakdown of The Office is the well liked episode Dinner Party. This episode is a two parter according to captainmidnight because if you take away The Deposition episode, Dinner Party would be too broad. You understand the crazy awkwardness in the Dinner Party following the previous episode.

Captainmidnight goes into details in the episode, but ultimately gives you the confirmation of the life of Michael Scott.

It just suggests so much of what Michael’s life has been outside the office. Just really bleak and hilarious at the same time.

This episode basically describes what this show does according to captainmidnight. They want you to laugh, but at the same time go through all the awkward and cringeworthy moments which will also make you laugh. This is the train wreck you can’t look away.

Chandler gives the top nod to Season Two because he says that after paving their own path, The Office ran off with their amazing ideas. You see more and more of Michael Scott in different odd ways. We see that Michael isn’t this absent minded boss and he knows his craft. Chandler also adds that the tension with Pam and Jim and their interest glues the audience's eyes every week to see what will happen with the two.

Basically, this series takes the Dundees for lasting so long...that’s what she said!

While captainmidnight focused on one episode, he adds that this shows adds humor in the simplest of ways. The people at the office are just trying to get through the day at a boring job while putting up with the in between office drama, but adds the connections in a workplace.

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