YouTuber First Reaction To All The Hunger Games Movies

Happy Hunger Games! May the odds be ever in your favor! Does that dreaded phrase sound familiar? The Hunger Games series starring Jennifer Lawrence, was a film adaptation from the book by author Suzanne Collins, which quickly gained a mass following from young audiences. The four-part series about a dystopian future depicting the issues with power, class and corruption created a huge fan base and even helped launch Jennifer Lawrence into Hollywood’s big leagues. YouTuber ItsAPrimate and his girlfriend excitedly watch and react to the films for the first time.

Are you serious? … Why would they do that? … Because they wanted them to have to kill each other because it’s a good show right? The two people that are in love have to kill each other.

In the first series of the franchise The Hunger Games (2012), the YouTubers are immediately drawn in and have fully immersed themselves into the character storyline of Katniss, played by Jennifer Lawrence and Peeta, played by Josh Hutcherson, as tributes for District 12. They go on to call them more like “sacrifices” rather than “tributes” because of the harsh nature of their society in sending off children ages 12-18 to fight to the death. They are especially moved when Katniss and Peeta eventually end up as the final tributes set to battle each other for the victory.

Like any good young adult plotline, the love triangle between Katniss, Peeta and Gale also strikes an interest cord with the YouTubers leaving them very curious as to whom she might end up with because it seems like she is in love with both characters at different points throughout the film.

When the plot unravels the YouTubers are confused and begin to question why President Snow, played by Donald Sutherland, spoke of 13 districts but only had tributes from 12 districts sent to the Hunger Games. Unknowingly, the YouTubers foreshadow one of the major storylines for the next films:

There’s 13 districts but the other one for some reason doesn’t compete … probably because it’s this district, I’m assuming. The fancy ass one that puts on the show … or maybe District 13 is an outlier or something that broke apart from this.

Another foreshadowing moment conceived by the YouTubers are their thoughts on how the plot advances with the next films in the franchise. Becoming so engrossed and invested in the characters now, the YouTubers really grow to dislike President Snow and all he stands for, hoping that this villain eventually sees a tragic demise as he deserves.

I hope by the end of the last movie … they kind of form a rebellion and take them down. So there’s no more Hunger Games at all and I hope he ends up dying at the end … Curious as to how they are going to advance this story.

In the second film, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013), ItsAPrimate and his girlfriend are now pumped to continue on with the story and anxious to see what will happen next now that Katniss has already competed and won in the Hunger Games. As Katniss and Peeta go on a “winner’s tour” through the different districts, the YouTubers begin to realize that though they are considered lucky to have won the games, their troubles with the capital and President Snow are far from over:

That sucks man when you finally do get out of the games you’re not even really out of it, it’s like you’re trapped forever still … it’s like if you don’t die you’re just trapped forever.

And when the announcement of the new quarter quell Hunger Games is broadcasted, the YouTubers, who by now are unphased by the evilness of President Snow, shakes their heads with disbelief, “imagine winning and then this happening to you … should of known they were going to try to do some fuck shit.”

Intrigued by the progression of the love triangle, the YouTubers are still very confused as to whom Katniss has feelings for having now kissed both Gale and Peeta. They compared it to the Twilight saga love triangle between Bella, Jacob and Edward:

She keeps sending my man mixed signals. I’m getting real pissed here just like when we watched Twilight with Edward and Jacob.

ItsAPrimate feels the second installment had so much more action and is able to really progress the plotline well. There are tons of “oh my god”, “damn ok!”, “what the fuck!” exclamations coming from both YouTubers. At one point, ItsAPrimate becomes so engrossed in the film when Katniss eventually destroys the physical game field with her bow and arrow, he excitedly shouts “damn, she shut that shit down!” According to the YouTubers, this film really amped up the action and character storylines to another level:

This shit picked up … this movie had so much fucking action and shit going on in it oh my god.

In the next installment, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (2014), the film starts off so intensely with both YouTubers watching in shock at the state of District 12, which has now become ruins of its former self:

Oh look at all those skeletons right there! Fuck those are all skeletons, holly shit … god damn … they really fucked them!

When the mockingjay propaganda film is shown with Katniss giving a heartfelt speech against Snow, both YouTubers are so moved and find themselves emotionally affected by that scene. They even compared it a legit movie trailer:

I’d be fuckin moved shit! … I want to join the mockingjay … looked like a fucking movie trailer but it’s a recruitment video!

Both YouTubers agree the third film has so many twists and turns definitely keeping them on the edge of their seats. With Peeta being captured and shown to be with Snow and against the rebellion, to Peeta’s last minute warning to Katniss that the capital was on its way to destroy District 13, then to the rescue of Peeta who out of nowhere then goes and attacks Katniss; all of these scenes shock the YouTubers and have them questioning in which direction is the plot turning to next.

What the fuck … damn where did he get the super strength … if they let him go, they must have did something to him … they had to have like injected some shit into him because his eyes were black … that scared the shit out of me.

In the final film, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 (2015), the YouTubers are so ready to see an end to Snow’s power, “I hope Katniss is the one to actually kill snow. I hope he dies. I don’t hope it’s just a surrender for him.” The film creates more shock, disbelief and anxiety with the YouTubers as they watch characters from the Rebellion get killed off one by one.

I don’t even want to watch anymore … they killed Finnick! … Why do they have to do this shit man … We should have known that’s why they had to have their wedding … man!

The biggest shock to ItsAPrimate comes when he realizes Snow isn’t the only villain in the story; President Coin, played by Julianne Moore, a secret threat from the very beginning that he doesn’t notice at first. He goes on to compare the two as a “battle of two devils.”

The fact that she literally right when the shit ended … the day after she grabbed power. Basically said we’re not even going to have an election. I'm taking power … I’m going to take power for the time being and also let's have another hunger games when we literally just went to war to stop that … are you kidding me!

Both YouTubers feel the end of the film, which also concludes the entire story, is very fitting with Katniss killing President Coin as an act of revenge for killing her sister Prim and the rest of the civilians from the districts killing President Snow. They feel the films dabbled into a bit of everything ranging from a love story, to action scenes, and to politics. Thoroughly entertained, the YouTubers give the films an 8/10 rating.

YouTuber ItsAPrimate watches and reviews movies on this channel regularly.