The Goonies: Millennials 1st Reactions To The 80s Classic

Ever wondered where the “truffle shuffle” originated from? Or when you get teased and referenced as looking like Sloth? It’s The Goonies! As a popular 80’s film, The Goonies has left its mark on pop culture over the decades producing some A-list stars such as Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman and "Joey Pants" (Joe Pantoliano). Directed by Richard Donner and Steven Spielberg, it has continued to influence many of today’s film and TV shows. YouTubers Ashleigh Burton, Geeked Out Nation and Channel Awesome review the iconic film for the first time.

That was freaking cute, so much adventure!

All of the YouTubers agreed that overall, The Goonies was a great movie. A very typical 80’s movie, but a great one nonetheless. One aspect they all especially enjoyed was the camaraderie and dynamic of the group of kids and the fact that this group of friends were made up of very different and distinct personalities: the intelligent kid, the adventurous kid, the clumsy kid, the smart aleck, the cool kid and even a bully:

It’s cool because Mikey is the adventurous one, Data is the smart one who comes up with all the cool gadgets, Chunk is clumsy, and then we got Mouth who’s obviously the cool kid.

The YouTubers felt that the kids really defined the film and what the film was about. They were completely relatable and carried the movie so well making the audience feel as if they could have been one of the kids themselves:

And they all go down this amazing water slide and there’s this giant pirate ship and they go in the pirate ship and there’s treasures galore and it’s so exciting…watching this as a kid must have been the coolest thing…I would have pretended to be these boys every day of my life with my little brother.

YouTuber Ashleigh Burton enjoyed the concept of the kids going on an adventure together because from a kid’s standpoint, that would be something fun and exciting to do, “That was freaking cute, so much adventure.” In relation to that idea of just going to hang out with your friends, YouTuber Geeked Out Nation compared it to an Indiana Jones for kids and the fact that you would rarely see this now in today’s society where digital technology is king and going out for bike rides seem like a chore.

One element of the film that gave all the YouTubers that “Ah ha” moment was when Chunk did the “truffle shuffle.” They had all been aware of that 80’s cultural reference but because they had never watched it as kids, didn’t understand the entire backstory of where it came from.

A common critique of the film that was noticed by both Burton and Awesome Channel was the blatant advertising throughout the entire film starting at some of the very beginning scenes with Pepsi and Mad Magazine just to name a few. The YouTubers attributed this to perhaps the industry at the time didn’t see it as such a big deal as opposed to current times where it is not as obvious and more subtle:

So something I noticed right off the bat was a lot of advertising, but I think that’s an 80’s thing…I think it wasn’t off putting for them to have.

Another element of the film that they noted was the purpose of Sloth’s character. They seemed to be very confused about what his role in the film was and didn’t understand what his character contributed to the storyline, “then they find this insane monster chained up in the bottom of the basement, and you find out its Sloth…but its really horrifying… and so random….why are you there…why…what...huh?”

Geeked Out Nation ended up watching the film twice in order to really understand the underlying message and influence of the film. He originally gave the film a lower rating having no understanding of the themes and genres of films during the 80’s. In the end he greatly enjoyed it and believed it set a tone pulling from films before it like the adventurous nature from Indiana Jones and future films such as fighting the bad guys in Home Alone and the friendship of a dynamic group of friends in Stranger Things–

and really thought about what this movie brought, not only to us as viewers, but other directors, writers…was a lot because this movie compares to a lot of movies that came after it and even movies that came before it like Indiana Jones and Home Alone.

In the end, all of the YouTubers felt this movie was one that both kids and adults could enjoy and relate to. Burton believed a great cast of characters, an interesting plot line and the action and adventure, were all elements for a timeless movie:

I had a good time, I would get nervous…there was lots of skeletons that’s kind of scary…there was a love story…and there was an unlikely hero.

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