Team JVS is moved by I Am Greta

A documentary now streaming on Hulu, I Am Greta (2020) follows environmental activist Greta Thunberg as she travels around the globe bringing attention to the importance of climate change. Directed by Nathan Grossman, the film had its world premiere at the 2020 Venice International Film Festival. YouTuber Samuel Leggett from the channel Team JVS shares his thoughts on the riveting documentary.

I understand her motivations. I get it. But it was breaking my whole heart … people were coming for her whole entire existence because she was making a true difference. The whole point of this was not to point out facts of what is the plan to fix this, what are the needs to this in this specific moment to do this, the whole point was to get attention and eyes on the circumstance … to try and open to the people higher above to do something.

Moved and inspired by Greta, the YouTuber notes from a father’s perspective how worried he feels for her being so young, having limitations due to her autism, being in the public scrutiny and how it has taken a toll on the young teenager. She has a calling and what she did made a huge difference, says Leggett.

The documentary is also an eye opener for the YouTuber who has been hearing about climate change and climate action for many years but has never really taken it seriously until now.

YouTuber Samuel Leggett from Team JVS, rates and reviews movies and TV shows on his channel regularly.