Tait's Take Reviews Woke

Woke (2020), loosely based on the life of co-creator Keith Knight, stars Lamorne Morris as Keef who is a black cartoonist is on the verge of becoming a mainstream successful artist when an unexpected event changes his perspective on life. The show also stars Blake Anderson, T. Murphy, Rose McIver and Sasheer Zamata. YouTuber Chris Tait from the channel Tait’s Take, shares his thoughts on the comedy now streaming on Hulu.

What Woke adds here is the addition of the social discussion that it inspires. It forces us to keep talking about the societal issues we’ve been going through within the last few months plus it’s like the age old debate: Can I just be black. Do I have to be this social justice warrior

YouTuber Chris notes the show brings up issues that many people of color have been grappling with: the pressure to always have to educate non persons of color about the inequalities they face on a daily basis. It’s a funny show that brings light to social issues in a comedic and non-condescending tone.

They also did a good of job of casting the voices of those random objects that start talking to Keef when he becomes woke. Like they got some really heavy hitters … JB Smooth as the Marker, Nicole Byers as the female 40oz, Eddie Griffin as the male 40oz … Tony Hale as Butter, Cedric the Entertainer as the fuckin Trashcan … just awesome job casting.

The overall casting of the main characters and guest characters are great, according to Chris. However, he does feel like Morris’s performance of Keef is mostly carried by the roommates, whom he finds leads in more of the comedic weight.

Ultimately, Woke is a smart show that sheds light to more of the social commentary we need, says Chris, giving the show a 4/5 rating.

YouTuber Chris Tait from Tait’s Take, rates and reviews new movies and TV shows on his channel regularly.