Space Force: Not The Office In Space

Is Space Force a force to be reckoned with? A Netflix 2020 original, Space Force, was created by Greg Daniels, co-creator of The Office and Parks and Recreation, and actor Steve Carell. The show follows newly appointed Space Force army general Mark Naird and his team of scientists, military personnel and media personnel as they work to put “boots on the moon.” The Netflix original features an all-star cast including Steve Carell, John Malkovich, Lisa Kudrow, Ben Schwartz, Jimmy O. Yang, Don Lake, and Noah Emmerich, just to name a few. YouTubers Sean Chandler Talks About, Movies and Munchies, Movies Files and Ariana Alexis share their thoughts on the first season of Space Force.

We kept watching it waiting for it to get funny. Waiting for it to get good and it never did. It just kept at the same level of like what are they doing, why are they heading in these directions.

Much to the disappointment of YouTuber Sean Chandler Talks About, Space Force falls short of high expectations. The YouTuber explains the premise behind the idea of space force meets the office type humor makes an interesting and intriguing concept to explore, but lacking proper execution results in a confusing plot and lame jokes. He goes on to explain that instead of making jokes the show makes observations and setups for jokes that do not follow through. Some of the YouTubers agreed that much of the script was “lazy writing” where the creators themselves didn’t seem to know what theme or in what direction they wanted to move.

In every episode there was a hint of overarching issue and a goal to accomplish, but underneath that was a mess of non-events and unrelated pittal sloppily thrown together like the massive ice Starbucks uses at the bottom of your cup to make you think you got more ice coffee than is actually there.

YouTuber Ariana Alexis notes even with an all-star cast of actors, the “lazy” script writing does a serious injustice to the characters and their character development needed to further the plot. The character’s backgrounds and never introduced or explained, other characters are inserted unnecessarily (i.e. Lisa Kudrow’s character as Maggie Naird) and none of the characters felt like they had any motivation to be there.

Despite collecting an impressive cast every character was two dimensional at best. I don’t think that’s the actor’s fault but rather the writing and directing needed to prop them up more.

On the contrary, YouTubers Movies and Munchies and Movie Files found Steve Carell’s character Mark Naird to be quite charming and one of the more enjoyable aspects of the series. They go on to describe Mark Naird to be a likable character during his moments with his family, noting that when he is portrayed as a normal everyday guy in a high-pressure situation and not when the show tries to make him “a parody of himself”, his character really shined through.

Also a little confused over whether or not this show was meant to be a satire of the current political climate because the show doesn’t specifically name any names, although the show does make it very apparent who each character is supposed to be a parody of, Movies and Munchies commends the fact that the jokes are poking fun at all sides of the spectrum.

One thing I do appreciate is they poke fun at both sides of the aisle. I mean everybody is fair game. So I did find that kind of humorous that they would at least make fun of everybody.

The jokes, or lack of jokes, is the biggest pitfall for the series according to all the YouTubers. The majority of the time, the punch lines fell through says Sean Chandler Talks About. They were described as very “slap sticky” and very “SNL-ish”. Movie Files goes on to claim for a show that is meant to be funny, it was uncreative and took very little risks resulting in overdone one liners and repetitive sarcasm.

Overall, the show falls flat of any comedic or dramatic ties, leaving unanswered questions about the characters and the show premise. What is Space Force? Who are all these characters? What are some of the challenges they are facing during this new journey as Space Force? Ariana Alexis describes the show as having all the right ingredients to make a good meal but followed a bad recipe. Movies and Munchies says “for a show that is supposed to have some good comedic elements to it, a lot of the jokes felt forced in this.” Sean Chandler Talks About calls it satire without the bite and comedy without the wit. And YouTuber Movie Files sums it up by saying,

If you’re a fan of Steve Carell and Greg Daniels please leave your expectations at the front door. This is not The Office, this is not Parks and Recs, this is something a little bit different.

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