Sharronda Williams Reviews Words On Bathroom Walls

Words on Bathroom Walls, directed by Thor Freudenthal, starring Charlie Plummer and Taylor Russell is an adaptation of a young adult novel of the same name. The film follows Adam, played by Charlie Plummer, and the ups and downs of his life after a recent diagnosis of a mental illness. YouTuber Sharronda Williams of the channel Pay Or Wait, shares her thoughts on the film.

I like that even though there is predictability with this film, it gives those who are dealing with mental illness hope that you can have just as a fulfilling life as anybody else and you deserve it.

The film does a great job in portraying what living with a mental illness is like, says Williams. She goes on to praise the actor Charlie Plummer in the way he portrays how Adam, a teenager entering into adulthood, deals with the situation of his illness and how it affects every aspect of his life. Williams thought the character was believable and really showcases what someone struggling would feel and do.

I love how they show what his depression looks like, what this darkness looks like, that really causes Adam to doing things that are out of character. And I think that they do a really fantastic job of bringing you into that world, into the mind of Adam. What it looks like, what this illness is that Adam is dealing with and all that it takes to really try to overcome it.

Williams also notes actress Taylor Russell’s strong and confident role as refreshing and even squealed at actor Andy Garcia’s performance exclaiming, “How do you keep aging like fine wine?!”

In the end, a great film she would pay to see in theaters.

YouTuber Sharronda Williams of the channel Pay Or Wait reviews movies on her channel weekly.