Sharronda Williams Reviews Chemical Hearts

Chemical Hearts is not your typical teenage high school movie, says YouTuber Sharronda Williams from channel Pay Or Wait.

This is a different type of high school romance film … it doesn't try to be your typical … teenage love affair.

Set to premiere on Friday, August 20th, on Amazon Prime, the film directed by Richard Tanne is based on the book Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland. Starring Austin Abrams as Henry Page, the film is about the senior in high school who is hoping to have a love interest before finishing school. After he meets Grace Town, played by Lilli Reinhart, he ends up falling in love with her, or at least who he believes she is.

One of the themes we go through is this transition from … the teenage limbo where you go from being a kid … to a young adult … How do I deal as someone who hasn't fully reached adulthood … very intense things … (like the) first love for Harry.

It wasn't the "glitz, glam, or shock factor" type of storyline but rather Sharronda says this is very serious in tone and simple but dedicated to its themes.

I thought just expecting a teenybopper love story … but it doesn't do that and it really gets into the brutal feelings you get as a young adult and I really appreciated that.

The performance of Lilli Reinhart really worked for Sharronda but she believes the chemistry between Reinhart and Austin Abrams was what really made it believable. However, one critique of hers was she had hoped for the other characters to be given more time particularly that of Cora, played by Coral Peña, and La, played by Kara Young.

Being such an emotionally heavy film, Sharronda did hope for more in terms of the final resolution of how emotions were dealt with.

I wish that they would have focused more on the healing process, what that looks like, to show people that you can go through these moments, but that there is hope , there is healing … there is therapy, there are people that you can talk to.

Despite that and some other issues with the film wrapping up too quickly, overall Sharronda believes that Chemical Hearts is one of the movies that will sit with you and spark deeper conversations. She doesn't suggest it to those who are in a down mood. However, she believes it's a great opportunity to watch with your teenage kids and self reflect as it made her reflect on her own life and relationships.  Based her channel's name, Sharronda definitely believes this is a pay and not wait movie, so if you're already paying for Amazon Prime then you'll have no need to wait.

Sharronda Williams regularly reviews movies on her Pay Or Wait YouTube channel.