Star Wars Fans Will Enjoy The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special

Now streaming on Disney+, The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special (2020) is a short-animated film following Rey, as she sets off on an adventure to learn and understand the deeper knowledge of the Force. Directed by Ken Cunningham, voice actors include Kelly Marie Tran, Billy Dee Williams, Helen Sadler, Anthony Daniels, Jake Green, Omar Miller, Trevor Devall, Matt Sloan and Matthew Wood, just to name a few. YouTuber Sean Chandler from the channel Sean Chandler Talks About, shares his thoughts on the family friendly animated film.

It’s written in a way that it can both be amusing to my 6-year-old daughter who said it's great, as well as have so many in jokes for lifelong Star Wars fans like myself. It’s very clearly written by Star Wars fans that both understand Star Wars as well as Star Wars fandom.

A fun and enjoyable film for the family, says the YouTuber, who as a lifelong Star Wars fan, finds the jokes, references and Easter eggs throughout the film adds to the entertainment of watching Legos poke fun at the Star Wars universe.

It is clear the film is just having fun and not taking it too seriously while also being a sort of “love letter” to long time Star Wars fans, according to Chandler. He does note that because of the short run time, the film is jam packed with so many different plot themes that sometimes the jokes move too quickly and don’t get enough time to settle in with viewers.

Definitely a film worth checking out with the kids, says Chandler.

YouTuber Sean Chandler from Sean Chandler Talks About, rates and reviews new movies and TV shows on his channel weekly.