Sean Chandler Reviews Vanguard

Jackie Chan has done it again! In his latest film Vanguard (2020), covert security company Vanguard is hired to protect an accountant, who is threatened by a dangerous mercenary organization. Written, directed and produced by Stanley Tong, the film stars Jackie Chan, Ai Lun, Yang Yang, Miya Muqi and Zhu Zhengting. YouTuber Sean Chandler from this channel Sean Chandler Talks About, shares his thoughts on the action/martial arts film now playing in select theaters.

This is not a classic Jackie Chan martial arts film … he’s very prominent throughout the film, he goes off on all the adventures, he does get involved in each of the action sequences, but very clearly the younger stars of the movie take the lead in the action sequences.

Already a huge fan of action and martial arts films, the YouTuber credits his love of classic Jackie Chan films for starting his journey into YouTube movie reviews. However, he does note this film, unlike the traditional Jackie Chan movies, gives a bigger spotlight to the younger performers in terms of showcasing the over the top action sequences and intricate martial arts choreography.

This is a fast-paced, action, martial arts film from the beginning to the very end of the credit scenes, says Chandler. There isn’t much to the character arcs or plot building as they all exist purely to set up for the action scenes, according to the YouTuber who says this is a film geared towards a very specific audience.

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