Sean Chandler Ranks the Spider-Man Franchises

In the history of Spider-Man comic book movies, there have been three different franchises. The first franchise began with Spider-Man (2002), directed by Sam Raimi starring Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man, James Franco, Kristen Dunst and Willem DaFoe. The second franchise labeled as The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), stars Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, Emma Stone, Martin Sheen and Sally Field. The third franchise, known as the MCU Spider-Man starts with the film Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) and stars Tom Holland as Spider-Man, Zendaya, Jacob Batalon and Robert Downey Jr. Which one of these Spider-Man franchises reigns supreme? YouTuber Sean Chandler from the channel Sean Chandler Talks About, gives a quick review and ranking of all three franchises.

This is one of the great comic book movie film scores of all time. It perfectly captures the character. It's distinct. It’s interesting. It doesn’t feel like Danny Elfman is just ripping off his batman score or anything like that. It’s true to Spider-Man and it’s just one of the great comic book movie themes of all time.

The YouTuber begins his rankings with Round 1 in movie critic rankings with MCU Spider-Man coming in first place, Sam Raimi franchise Spider-Man coming in second place and The Amazing Spider-Man coming in third. In Round 2 rankings of music score, Chandler gives the winning franchise to Danny Elfman’s score in the Sam Raimi franchise claiming it has become one of the most iconic and memorable themes to any comic book film to date.

I think of these three actors, I think Andrew Garfield is by far the best of the thespians here, but the actual way the character was written, they didn’t give enough great Spider-Man moments … it’s not an iconic Spider-Man performance.

In Round 3 rankings of the lead actors playing Spider-Man, Chandler notes Andrew Garfield’s performance as an actor is the best; however, his character isn’t given enough of the “Spider-Man” characteristics that fans love to see in superheroes. MCU’s Spider-Man takes the top spot as Tom Holland has the youthful vibe and energy of the wisecrack high school kid he is trying to portray.

On The Amazing Spider-Man side of things, what I love in here is you do get a lot of him swinging around New York City, you get him arresting criminals and webbing them onto walls and stuff like that.

Chandler ranks The Amazing Spider-Man franchise along with the MCU Spider-Man franchise as a tie in terms of action sequences in Round 4, saying they do have a ton of cool moments with Spider-Man battling villains. But the original trilogy still takes the number one ranking for action scenes who Chandler claims gives the most “classic and iconic” action shots of him swinging through New York City and taking on the super villains.

In ranking the lows of each franchise in Round 5, the YouTuber finds MCU Spider-Man taking the top rank as all the films seemed to flow together nicely as opposed to Sam Raimi’s trilogy, where in the third film, the Venom villain doesn’t seem to fit into the story as smoothly:

All the stuff they did with Venom just doesn’t really work. It’s well documented Sam Raimi didn’t want to do the Venom story and he was forced by the studio to do it. And his passion just wasn’t there, it wasn’t very imaginative.

Taking the top spot once again is Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man when it comes to ranking the highs of each film in Round 6. Chandler claims the third acts of each of the films have such great pay off that it makes the entire trilogy worthy of having the best parts of the Spider-Man story. There are actually high stakes and consequences that the characters face and it all matters and adds up in the end, according to Chandler.

They told his origin story in such a way and spent so much time kind of developing the villains. In most all of these movies, the villain gets a lot of time and so you really get character arcs for the characters that lead to pay off moments.

In Round 7 of ranking the side characters, in third place is The Amazing Spider-Man cast, in second place is MCU Spider-Man and in first place is Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man. Chandler also decides to take into consideration his YouTube family and asks them to rank the trilogies. In Round 8 subscriber poll rankings, The Amazing Spider-Man comes in third, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man comes in second and MCU Spider-Man takes the top tier.

They also have pretty well intentionally tried to avoid being too much like the pervious Spider-Man movies and in doing so have distanced themselves from a bunch of classic iconic Spider-Man elements and storylines.

In the final ranking of Round 9 for overall story theme, unfortunately MCU Spider-Man takes third place as the YouTuber finds it is trying too hard to distance itself from the traditional Spider-Man of the other franchises. He also makes note of how much Spider-Man seems to be more of a tool for Iron Man, which he says is inserted into this franchise to bring more of the MCU elements to the film and almost hinders it from standing on its own merits.

Ultimately, the YouTuber ranks Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy as the best Spider-Man franchise! You get everything in this trilogy, from the classic Spider-Man, the most iconic comic book action sequences to the most complete story for all the characters, says Chandler.

YouTuber Sean Chandler from Sean Chandler Talks About, rates and reviews movies and TV shows on his channel regularly.