YouTuber Ranks the Forgotten Fantastic Four Movies

YouTuber Sean Chandler from the channel Sean Chandler Talks About, gives his honest ranking of the other Marvel superheroes audiences seemed to have forgotten about: the Fantastic Four. The first film The Fantastic Four (1994) was an unreleased film produced by Roger Corman and starred Michael Bailey Smith, Rebecca Staab, Jay Underwood, Alex Hyde-White and Joseph Culp. The second film was released in 2005, Fantastic Four (2005), directed by Tim Story and starred Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis, Julian McMahon and Kerry Washington. Two years later Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer (2007) was released with the same director and cast members. The final film Fantastic Four (2015), directed by Josh Trank starred Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell and Toby Kebbell. How do these movies rank?

I feel bad for putting this on in last place but it’s not watchable for me. I re-watched it actually on YouTube just a couple weeks back and it was really tough for me to get through this movie on many different levels … you’re watching a Fantastic Four movie on an absolute shoestring budget and it just shows throughout the entire movie.

Coming in last place, The Fantastic Four (1994) movie is a huge disappointment according to Chandler who found it difficult to get through the entire film. For being a comic book superhero movie, there isn’t very much action going on in the film. The YouTuber notes some of the behind the scene of the production of the film contributes to the “cheap” look, with everything from the costume designs, the set designs and even the film editing.

There’s also plot issues all throughout the entire thing. There’s this guy called the jeweler that wants a diamond and kidnaps a blind artist that he wants to marry so he’s going to give her the jewel … it’s a very cheesy movie.

As someone who can appreciate a bit of 90’s film cheesiness, this one just didn’t make the cut, according to the YouTuber.

In the third-place ranking is Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer (2007), who Chandler thinks has way too many plot lines that do not have satisfying endings. With the wedding, power swapping, return of Dr. Doom and a potential breakup of the team, the film doesn’t do enough to thoroughly address all of the events in such a short amount of time.

There’s way too many plot lines for the length of this movie … when you’ve got a movie that’s only 90 minutes that’s just way too many plot lines. It felt like so much setup was happening with so little pay off and such quick payoffs that none of it got you involved emotionally.

Taking the second slot is Fantastic Four (2015). The YouTuber easily thinks this could have been such a great movie and has so much potential.

So when I was watching it for the first time, I was like I’m really digging this. It’s actually working for me and then as soon as there’s that year long gap in the movie, you just see the reshoots, bad special effects, a story cobbled together, a middle act that’s just like squished together and we rush straight into the third act … all falls apart.

The YouTuber notes that part of the film’s downfall may have had to do with behind the scene productions with disagreements between the director and the studio at the time of filming.

I wish we could have seen that original Josh Trank film that they were making because that would easily have been a mile above every other Fantastic Four movie for me, but the end result that we have is half of a movie I really dig and then half a train wreck. A really interesting train wreck.

And at the top of the list is Fantastic Four (2005). It doesn’t feel up to par to most of the current Marvel films but it is entertaining and the audiences were probably a bit too hard on the film, says the YouTuber.

It feels a little bit lightweight when you compare it to the current Marvel movies and how well they’ve been able to execute things and have entertainment and nail the tone of being serious and comical at the same time. This movie just feels a little bit off by comparison.

The film feels like a really awesome pilot setup for a great TV show, says Chandler who again reiterates that though at the time the movie does a good job in creating an entertaining and engaging film, it doesn’t compare well to how far MCU films have come and what MCU fans are expecting from comic book superhero films.

There’s a bunch of things to enjoy in this movie. It’s not a great movie. It’s not one that I revisit a lot, but it’s one that when I do re-watch it, I think to myself, people are way too hard on this one. This isn’t a train wreck … It's just a movie that feels a little bit like a comic book genre trying to figure itself out.

YouTuber Sean Chandler from Sean Chandler Talks About, rates, reviews and ranks movies and TV shows on his channel regularly.