Scott Mantz Reviews Pieces Of A Woman

In the film Pieces of a Woman, which premiered at the 77th Venice Film Festival on September 4. 2020, actress Vanessa Kirby won the Volpi Cup for Best Actress. Directed by Komél Mundruczó, the film follows Martha; played by Vanessa Kirby, and Sean; played by Shia LaBeouf, as they navigate different stages of grief after a home birth gone wrong. The film had generated so much buzz, Netflix bought the rights to world-wide streaming for a whopping $20 million. YouTuber Scott Mantz shares his thoughts on the festival debut film.

I’m still completely floored by the bold vision and audacious power of Pieces of a Woman.

The YouTuber claims the film is a powerful and unforgettable look into the thought process of someone dealing with loss and grief. The film’s accurate and realistic portrayal of each character’s raw emotion and intensity left Mantz holding his breath during some of the scenes. He gives props to Kirby, who nails her performance in depicting a grieving woman who has just lost a child.

She gives a staggering devastating tour de force performance that will leave you reeling.

Mantz also notes, this is one of LaBeouf's best works, comparing it to the likes of a few other roles the actor has played and created recent buzz about.

Between this, and Honey Boy, and Peanut Butter Falcon, Shia LaBeouf is finally hitting his stride and doing the best work of his career as an actor.

There hasn’t been a film that is able to convey such devastation and heartbreak so elegantly since 1980 with Ordinary People, according to Mantz. With high marks, the YouTuber is looking forward to when the movie drops on Netflix.

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