Ren Geekness Reviews Greenland

John embarks on a journey to get his family to safety in Greenland to an underground sanctuary as a planet-killing comet gets closer to impact with Earth; the family experiences both the best and worst of humanity in Greenland (2020). Directed by Ric Roman Waugh, the film stars Gerard Butler, Morena Baccaron, Scott Glen and Roger Dale Floyd. YouTuber Ren Geekness shares his thoughts on the disaster movie.

It has all the clichés, it has all the familiar beats, it has everything that you don’t like about disaster movies; however, if you’re a fan of disaster movies it kind of has everything you love about disaster movies. Not only that, the family element of this film really works. It's set up in a very proper manner, it's developed very well and it reaches a very satisfying conclusion.

It's definitely a proper disaster movie, says the YouTuber. He actually enjoys the film more than he is expecting to. Everything from the well-developed core of the family dynamics of John and his wife, the overall constant presence of the looming comet, as well as touching on the different positive and negative reactions to humanity during a world crisis; the film is filled with constant fear, suspense, and tension. Exactly what a disaster film is supposed to be.

Already a huge fan of actor Gerard Butler, the YouTuber claims he is one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood. Butler gives a great performance here and really goes through a satisfying and compelling character arc, according to the Ren Geekness.

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