Reel James Reviews Come Away

What is the true origin story behind Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland? In Come Away (2020), Alice and her brother Peter, in trying to deal with the death of their older brother, journey into their imagination down a rabbit hole of wonders and a magical realm of lost boys. Directed by Brenda Chapman, the film stars Keira Chansa as Alice, Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Adult Alice, Jordan Nash as Peter, David Oyelowo as their father Jack and Angelina Jolie as their mother Rose. YouTuber James Profetto from the channel Reel James, shares his thoughts on the modern twist to two classic tales.

It was so cool to see how they again were mixing these stories and weaving it in between and giving us a dose of reality while also playing to my imagination.

A very interesting take on a very familiar story, says the YouTuber who very much enjoys the aspects of the movie where it blends the stories of Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland without feeling too overwhelming or busy. Profetto notes the director’s presentation of reality and imagination mixed in throughout the film gives that sense of fantasy wonder playing to the genre of the classic childhood stories.

He does find towards the middle of the film to be too heavy and the ending too rushed, but overall feels the film is such a unique re-telling of the two stories reimagined with great performances, visually stunning cinematography and a well-done music score.

Come Away is now playing in theaters and VOD.

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