Reel James Reviews Boogie

In Boogie (2021), basketball prodigy Alfred “Boogie” Chen must learn to navigate girls, school, family and his dream of one day playing in the NBA. Making his directorial debut, Eddie Huang directed and wrote the screenplay for the film. The film stars newcomer Taylor Takahashi as Boogie, Taylour Paige and Eddie Huang. YouTuber James Profetto from the channel Reel James shares his views on the latest coming of age story written by Eddie Huang.

The writing in boogie is a complete mess. Narratively the story has a shell of something that is compelling and full of drama. I mean Boogie’s family is dysfunctional … he’s living with the pressure of taking care of himself, his family's wishes and at the same time, he’s just trying to be a high schooler. But Eddie Huang here doesn’t capitalize on many of those areas and instead he misses the mark. The story is uneven and everything is pretty unbalanced.

Disappointed in the film, YouTuber Profetto is a little surprised by the lack of depth in the storytelling as Eddie Huang has succeeded in many other of his written projects in the past. The YouTuber also notes some of the scenes are difficult to get through because the performance from Taylor Takahashi just isn’t believable and doesn’t convey the emotional impact the story needs.

One aspect the YouTuber is surprised about is the cinematography. The way the film brings to life the New York City feel and the different shots of the characters and how they interact within the scene visually leaves the YouTuber in awe and impressed with how great the film looks.

Overall, Profetto feels the film misses its mark to tell a more compelling coming of age story and is not a film he recommends you see in theaters right away.

YouTuber James Profetto from the channel Reel James, rates and reviews new movies and TV shows regularly.