Perri Nemiroff Reviews Mulan

Disney's latest live action remake, Mulan (2020), is set to be released on Disney+. Starring Liu Yifei as Mulan and directed by Niki Caro, the film is based on the journey of Mulan who poses as a man in order to take the place of her father in the war against the Huns. YouTuber Perri Nemiroff is a fan of the original Mulan (1998) although not as die hard as some so she is looking forward to seeing what this new rendition brings. She praises the new direction and look Niki Caro has brought to this live action version.

This is an absolutely a stunning production! The costume design, the production design, the shot framing, some of the wildly impressive mid-fight camera moves, it just makes the whole thing downright mesmerizing and a true spectacle.

Nemiroff realizes there is a tall order in portraying a beloved and well known character but Lie Yifei rises up to the occasion with a nuanced approach that suits a live action version of Mulan.

This is also quite the performance from Liu (Yifei) first off with that she's playing an iconic Disney character which comes with a good deal of pressure right there but Mulan's also the kind of character that spends a good deal of the movie being defined by her actions and how she's internalizing what she's going through and the fact that Liu manages to convey so much in both of those ways is really something else.

Possibly one issue many die hard fans of the original animation will have is the omission of the original music. Given it would be strange for a live action Mulan to break out in musical style song and dance, Nemiroff doesn't see this as an issue at all.

I think the story played pretty well without the songs and I actually think the tone (director) Caro runs with here kind of warranted their removal.

Overall, Perri Nemiroff found the live action remake to be worthy of a 4 out of 5 "Dewey deci-movie scale", a review system based on her lovely cat.