Sharronda Williams Reviews Lovecraft Country

The new HBO series Lovecraft Country (2020) follows Atticus Black, Letitia, and Uncle George as they journey across a 1950’s Jim Crow America searching for Atticus’s missing father. The drama, fantasy, horror series stars Jurnee Smollett, Jonathan Majors, Courtney B. Vance and Abbey Lee Kershaw is based on the novel of the same name written by author Matt Ruff. YouTuber Sharronda Williams from the channel Pay or Wait shares her review on the multi-genre TV series.

Watching Lovecraft Country, it just felt so good to be seen. This is one of the first series that after watching it, I felt included as a black person … to see black people experiencing horror, to see them going on this Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean type adventure … it just felt good to look at people who look like me on the screen.

In 2020 where representation matters more than ever, Williams is delighted by the Lovecraft series featuring people of color and their perspectives on the racially divided society in the 1950’s. Williams describes the series as a multi-genre story dabbling in sci-fi fantasy, drama and even adding gory horror aspects throughout each episode. She enjoys the fact that not only are traditional horror elements used, but social elements like the horrors of racism are also depicted tastefully.

With a predominantly black cast, there aren’t just creatures you may see or kind of these unexplainable fantasy type of horror elements that happen throughout the course of the series, but the horrors of racisms and the horrors of being black in the 1950’s.

The YouTuber feels compared to the novel, the series does deviate and take much more creative liberties. For example, the gender bending with some of the characters gives them a bigger sense of character depth and complexities. The TV series also does a great job at creating a more even playing field for all the characters to shine, protagonist and villain alike, according to the YouTuber, who gives Lovecraft Country a worth the watch rating.

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