Sharronda Williams Reviews Outside the Wire

In Outside the Wire (2021), a drone pilot finds himself sent to a war zone, fighting alongside a top-secret AI, all while on a mission to stop a nuclear war. Directed by Mikael Hafstrom, the film stars Anthony Mackie, Damson Idris, Emily Beechman, Michael Kelly and Pilou Asbaek. YouTuber Sharronda Williams from the channel Pay Or Wait shares her thoughts on the action filled film now streaming on Netflix.

This film had a major villain problem … once we kind of get to this big showdown that’s supposed to happen when we find this baddy villain, I was just like, this is who the heck we were supposed to be afraid of? Eh? … I was just like ya’ll didn’t even need a villain for all of this … I just felt a little bit let down.

One of the YouTubers biggest issue with the film is the lack of development for the villain, whom she says the film continues to build up with anticipation and then only to be let down by the few minutes of screen time in which the villain is featured. Quite disappointing, according to Williams.

Despite the lack of antagonist development, the YouTuber praises Anthony Mackie’s performance in the film saying he “carried the film on his back” and his character absolutely keeps her constantly engaged in the story. How does one become as cool as Anthony Mackie, says Williams who feels the actor also embodies the “coolness” and “awesomeness” as his character.

YouTuber Sharronda Williams from Pay Or Wait, reviews new movies and TV shows on her channel weekly.