Nicole Anthony Evicted: YouTubers Sound Off

Big Brother: All-Stars wraps up week 2 evictions with houseguest Nicole Anthony going home. There is quite a stir she's creating with fans because she didn't believe "Jaysar" (Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha) who were trying to campaign for her to stay. Her attempts at disassociating herself from Jaysar backfired and many fans are having a hard time understanding why she did it.

(Janelle) is on your side campaigning to get votes for you why are bitching and complaining about it? I don't understand the logic there.

Like YouTuber Big Brother Boy, YouTubers Matt and Jess also don't understand it although Jess is more forgiving knowing that viewers armchair quarterbacking watching live feeds is nowhere near being inside that crazy house.

I was pretty much infuriated with her because I was just like you aren't seeing what is directly in front of you. You are throwing Janelle and Kaysar under the bus, you are blowing up your own game … But it's really hard … we're out here watching her … she doesn't have all the information.

Post eviction, even Julie Chen-Moonves has some tough questions for Nicole A. on what exactly her gameplay strategy is. Fans including YouTuber Russel Hantz can't help but notice the nature of this post eviction interview:

(Julie Chen-Moonves) starts this (post eviction interview) off with ‘Nicole, I'm a little confused by your game’, as we all are Julie!

Some fans are even taken aback by the emotional investment Janelle made trying save Nicole possibly when there was not much need to do so for Jaysar's game as they could have just let this week play out. YouTuber Madrosed thinks the Big Brother production actually downplayed how much it affected Janelle.

Janelle actually cried … Like when does Janelle cry … That was a kind edit to you Nicole (Anthony).

However, Matt and Jess think they notice the Big Brother production's effort to highlight Nicole's mistakes, either intentionally or by accident:

Allison Grodner threw Nicole Anthony under the bus and then Julie (Chen-Moonves) got in the bus and then backed over … At first it was like okay Julie this is good you're calling out what a lot of people are thinking … and then at the end Julie was like let me pour some more salt on this now, ‘Janelle was crying’, then Nicole was crying, and Julie's just like ‘nope I cannot help, I will not hug you.’

For Nicole Anthony sympathizers, perhaps there's some solace in knowing an early eviction will be easier on her and something some players like Janelle we're saying they would prefer instead of being stuck quarantined in a hotel until jury. YouTuber Rob Has a Podcast shares some of this:

Nicole was pretty much like just ‘I don't want to go into sequester. I just want to go directly home. I want to see my family.’ It's disheartening. It's a tough position for Nicole to be in. It's a tough position for anybody that's not in that main core to be in.

With the main alliance of 6, plus side alliances, it was probably just a matter of time before Nicole and the other "outcasts" and floaters we're going to get picked off. Rob Has a Podcast also notes the history of what the game is most likely about to turn into and perhaps Nicole might have had a tougher time being competitive:

Now that we've done the two crap shoot competitions … it's going to go back to physical, that's the sort of historical thing … and then it goes back to like Tyler, Cody, Christmas are gonna win everything.

A former "America's favorite houseguest", Nicole Anthony is making the rounds doing interviews and to her credit is owning her mistakes in the game like a champ. Given there is only one winner of the half million dollar prize, the way players own up to their mistakes is likely the last piece of game play they have to make and kudos to her for doing it well.

That house messes with everything that you think you know, every gut instinct, everything, every relationship … I really really feel horrible horrible horrible for even questioning (Janelle and Kaysar) but you know hindsight is 2020. I wouldn't have done it but in (the house) you can't help it.