Netflix's Young Wallander Reviewed By The Ruby Tuesday

Young Wallander is Netflix's latest crime drama about the early years of Swedish detective Kurt Wallander, a character that is well known from BBC's show Wallander which was adapted from Swedish novelist Henning Mankell. YouTuber Ruben from channel The Ruby Tuesday gives the new series a review but hasn't seen the original BBC version.

I had no idea what Wallander was so I had to do some research and I was amazed at the amount of content … there was with Wallander. There's novels that were made into films, I believe all nine were made into films.

Ruben mentions the original production has been involved with this latest adaption and so die hard fans should feel some comfort in that. The difference with the Netflix version is it brings the character into modern times and in his rookie year of being a detective. Ruben particularly notices how the young detective's demeanor is soft spoken but can take a beating like some classic characters.

I love the intelligence behind this character's eyes with soft characteristics, but he's tough as nails … he just keeps getting beaten, shot, stabbed, you name it, stuff happens to him in the series and he keeps up like he's an Indiana Jones character…

Ruben also compares the young Wallandar to an up and coming Sherlock Holmes where his reliance on intelligence is more important than any other trait. As such, the series turns out to not only be a crime drama, thriller, and action, but as Ruben says, a "puzzle piece."

…it's a puzzle piece so you … figure out what's happening and you can't figure it out until the end so it reveals certain puzzle pieces … it starts coming together like a jigsaw…

Ruben also praises the cinematography describing it as atmospheric and akin to the vibe you get on the movie Seven. Unlike typical TV crime dramas, Ruben believes the quality of cinematography rivals that of what could be projected at the cinema.

While the scope and production is grand, Ruben feels the show does a good job making it personal and delving deep into the characters. One trait that has Ruben intrigued is Wallander's lack of reaction and how this adds to the mystery.

(Wallander) comes across that he might have special needs of some sort because sometimes he has this vacant look. There's stuff going on in his mind, in his eyes, but he just doesn't relate to humans with emotions … you're always wondering how he's going to react…

Ruben is so pleased with the show it is becoming his most anticipated season two so far. This series has him wanting to watch the other renditions of Wallander and go more in-depth with the character. Ruben gives Young Wallander an A rating.