YouTubers First Impressions of The Incredible Hulk

Hulk Smash! In The Incredible Hulk (2008), Bruce is in hiding and secretly trying to find a cure for the gamma radiation that turned him into The Hulk, all while suddenly having to face off against a new threat, The Abomination. Directed by Louis Leterrier, the film stars Edward Norton as The Hulk, Lou Ferrigno, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, William Hurt, Tim Blake Nelson and Ty Burrell. Excited to learn more about the Avenger superhero, YouTuber Natalie Gold shares her first impressions of the Marvel movie.

I cannot get over the fact that he is already The Hulk, we didn’t get to see him get there. I thought we’d get to see him get there. I’m kind of bummed. I hope they go back in time or something.

The beginning of the film starts off with so much intensity, the YouTuber is already intrigued but also disappointed that it doesn’t give a back story as to how Bruce (Edward Norton) becomes The Hulk and how he ends up in a factory in South America, far from home. She becomes very sympathetic to his character. When she learns that Bruce was infected by gamma radiation and transforms whenever his heart rate goes up, she eagerly anticipates the action scenes when The Hulk is unleashed after Bruce is constantly being picked on and bullied. Knowing the capabilities of the superhero and having much empathy for his plight, she feels no remorse for the characters who are on the receiving end of The Hulk’s fist: “That guy deserves to die. Sorry. You’re an asshole.”

Oh no they’re going to chase him, oh my god. These guys, they have no idea what they’re messing with. You don’t want to mess with him, trust me.

Of course, you can’t have a Marvel film without a bit of comedy. When Bruce is in Guatemala looking to buy stretchy pants hoping that it will not rip when he transforms, the YouTuber laughs at the character's thought process.

Stretchy! Dude your stretchy pants aren’t going to … nothing is going to be stretchy enough for you to go from that size to being The Hulk.

But little does she know that those pants actually worked: “wow his stretchy pants! They worked!”

God being the partner of a superhero has got to be the worst. You’re constantly afraid your partner is going to die.

The YouTuber is known to become very invested in character especially when it comes to romance between characters. When she learns of Bruce and Betty’s (Liv Tyler) romance, she is 100% invested in their relationship and just wants them to be together. She gets especially emotional in the scene where Betty realizes Bruce has come back and runs to him in the rain.

They’re going to have a rain moment, are you kidding me, oh my god.

When it's discovered that Bruce has come back and is now being hunted by Thunderbolt Ross (William Hurt) and Emil Blonksy aka The Abomination (Tim Roth), the action scenes start to pick up and there are constant “Oh no!”, “Oh my god”, “You get ‘em Bruce!”, along with jaw dropping moments and chest clenching moments of anticipation from Gold.

When are you guys going to realize that maybe just constantly shooting him with guns is a really bad idea, like it just makes him angrier so maybe just stop.

When the sinister plot reveals Blonsky’s plan to inject himself with some sort of chemical to make him as strong if not stronger than The Hulk, the YouTuber starts to worry for the superhero and all the other characters because she knows the villain will no longer be controllable and is bound to cause even more chaos. When the character transforms into The Abomination, the YouTuber is taken back by how evil he turns out to be and clutches her chest in anxiety for The Hulk as they are battling it out.

Oh no. Oh they’re going to inject him. Oh my god. This is where it gets bad. This is where it gets really bad because he’s not going to listen to you. He’s just going to become a raging monster. He’s not going to become controllable at all.

One comment the YouTuber makes about the film is the fact that all great action movies seem to take place in New York City. The city must be tired of cleaning up after the constant chaos.

They’re going to fight in New York City. Why are there always fights in New York City with gigantic creatures like King Kong, The Hulk … they’re totally going to fight in New York City man.

In the end, Gold is entertained and really enjoys the film. She feels the pacing of the film was appropriate with the intense dramatic mood at the beginning and then slowly turning to a more light-hearted tone when the romance aspects blossoms, and then finally to the action-packed scenes against the Abomination. She does however, have two small issues with the film: the first is her disappointment with Bruce and Betty not ending up together and the second, that actor Edward Norton is a one off and does not end up as part of the MCU Avengers in the future Hulk movies.

Love the ending. I think the only thing I’m really disappointed about, there’s two things: the fact that him and Betty aren’t together right now is really bumming me out. I don’t understand why because clearly, he’s proven he can control himself just fine around her … and the other thing I’m bummed about is knowing that Edward Norton is not going to be The Hulk in these next films. That’s kind of sad.

YouTuber Natalie Gold, watches and reacts to movies and TV shows on her channel regularly.