Gen Z YouTuber watches The Karate Kid for the first time

Wax on, wax off. Name a more iconic 80’s teen movie phrase. In The Karate Kid (1984), Daniel and his mother move to a new town where he finds himself the target of bullies and learns to defend himself with the help of the friendly repairman who is a master of karate. Directed by John G. Avildsen, the film stars Ralph Macchio as Daniel, William Zabka, Pat Morita, Martin Kove, Elisabeth Shue and Randee Heller. YouTuber Nasser, watches the classic 80’s film for the first time and shares his thoughts on the film.

Oh no, we’re doing this whole ex-boyfriend thing. I hate conflict like this. Why is he such a douchebag.

One aspect of the film Nasser is looking forward to is a budding romance between Daniel and Ali and when the plot turns to reveal a jealous ex-boyfriend, he immediately feels empathetic towards Daniel, as the new kid in school, who is just an all-around nice guy being picked on by bullies. However, he does find that actress Elisabeth Shue, who plays Ali, looks much older than a high school student and much older looking than Daniel, played by Ralph Macchio.

Is it just me or does she look too old for him. Are they supposed to be in the same class? Because I clearly see that these two actors are very different ages and its jarring.

Throughout the entirety of the film, the YouTuber is constantly praising actor Ralph Macchio for his great performance as Daniel. An amazing actor that gives great energy and really makes you really feel for his character and root for him to succeed, says Nasser. He also is really digging the style and fashion of the characters: “these 80’s outfits kill me!”

After the scene where Mr. Miyagi, a small stature old man, takes on a bunch of high school bullies, the YouTuber is surprised to learn that the character sees violence and fighting only as a last resort despite having very extensive knowledge and training in the martial arts.

Interesting. Even a person who knows karate still believes that it’s the last answer to a situation.

As the relationship and mentorship between Daniel and Mr. Miyagi grows, the YouTuber is delighted to see how Daniel’s character begins to grow and slowly but surely, he learns the art of karate. He finds the scene where the two are celebrating Daniel’s birthday especially heartwarming.

Very impressive. I’m so impressed with him right now. Learning balance in the water that is so tough to do. This sensei is amazing. Mr. Miyagi, I told you guys he was going to be my favorite character.

During the final tournament, the YouTuber is left on edge and anxious for what may happen to Daniel. He is already rooting against the students at the Kobra Kai dojo and especially dislikes the sensei after seeing him tell his students to practically use dirty tactics in order to win against Mr. Miyagi.

No no no no I don’t like this. I don’t like this at all. I don’t like this instructor at all. Oh my god! Oh my goodness. What a dirtbag. I hate that. I hate that sensei guy.

Growing up, Nasser was never interested in 80’s or 90’s movies because he thought they would be uninteresting and unrelated to him as a person of a newer generation. However, after finally watching movies like Back to the Future (1985), The Terminator (1984) and Jurassic Park (1993), the YouTuber can now add The Karate Kid to his list of classic film favorites.

And now The Karate Kid. The original, which by the way is way better than the version that I saw in theaters. I liked the version that I saw when I was a kid but that movie didn’t hold up at all. It’s interesting that this movie made in 1984 holds up better than the one made in 2009.

Overall, Nasser finds the film so enjoyable. The characters, the fashion, and the message, all still hold up today and make for a great story, according to Nasser.

I love the concept that karate is from within. The idea that you need to find inner peace. You need to learn basic tropes to be able to fight someone to defend yourself because it’s about communication. It’s about keeping your eyes sharp on the prize.

YouTuber Nasser rates and reacts to old classic movie favorites on his channel regularly.