Patrick Reviews In the Life of Music

Directed by Caylee So and Visal Sok, In The Life Of Music (2018) follows the journey of Cambodian American girl named Hope, who travels to Cambodian to learn more about her parents and her family through love, war and music. The film stars Ellen Wong as Hope, who is also known for her roles in the Netflix series GLOW (2017) and the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010). YouTuber Patrick from the channel Movies Shows Fandoms, shares his thoughts on the hidden gem.

I myself have been in the camp of not wanting to see more films about this era, but this movie really changed my perspective on this. Where I think In The Life Of Music differs, is it shows the connection to the present. And I think directors Caylee So and Visal Sok have presented a new perspective on how this topic should be imagined for future generations.

There have been many films such as The Killing Fields (1984) and First They Killed My Father (2017) portraying the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge genocide of the mid 1970’s; however, this film gives a new perspective on the topic in a way that resonates with current and future generations of movie watchers, says Patrick.

YouTuber Patrick also enjoys how the film uses music as a central plot point to tell the story of Hope and her family, giving a much deeper meaning when life and death consequences are associated with music.

A visually dynamic film and a great performance from Ellen Wong who does a great job portraying that “fish out of water” experience that many children of immigrants find themselves in when they return to their ancestral county.

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