Who Killed Sara is an Intriguing Mystery to be Solved

In the Netflix drama series Who Killed Sara (2021), after being wrongly accused of murdering his sister, Alex goes on a dangerous journey of revenge and in search of finding the real killer. Created by Jose Ignacio Valenzuela, the series stars Carolina Miranda, Manolo Cardona, Eugenio Siller, Claudia Ramirez, Alejandro Nones and Gines Garcia Millan. YouTuber Chris from the channel Movies And Munchies shares his thoughts on the first season of the Spanish language mystery drama.

There is a lot of mystery and drama especially because a lot of the emotions run high. There’s so much conflict between the characters too which makes them both suspicious and intriguing.

Chris describes the series as attention grabbing and does a great job in moving the story along and keeping the audience intrigued, especially through its colorful cast of characters. The development of each character is well paced and used to effectively tell the story, giving it that mystery element viewers are looking for. He especially praises the performances from Claudia Ramirez and Gines Garcia Millan as the head of a wealthy family.

The parents of Rodolfo, Chema and Elisa do an exceptional job of being absolutely horrendous people. I mean at no point did I ever like them. Which was exactly how I was supposed to feel towards them.

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