Movies And Munchies Reviews The Innocent

In the Netflix limited series, The Innocent (2021), a phone call leads a man back into the past of intrigue, mystery and murder. Directed by Oriol Paulo, the eight-episode series stars Mario Casas, Aura Garrido, Juana Acosta, Alexandra Jimenez, Martina Gusman and Jose Coronado. YouTuber Chris from Movies And Munchies shares his thoughts on the Spanish series now streaming on Netflix.

The mystery aspect of this is done really well. There are many false leads and curves that are introduced to keep us guessing. But that only works if you’re invested in the overall story. And I found myself deeply sucked into what was going on.

A highly engaging mystery, along with the chemistry and charisma of the characters, makes for a great show, says Chris. He especially enjoys how well the series intricately planned out the mystery aspects, allowing the YouTuber, who usually always tries to guess the outcome, to sit back and watch how the clues are revealed in the end.

Another aspect of the series the YouTuber notes is how well it handles each character’s backstories and the way they are narrated by each individual character. He feels this technique really enhances the plot and heightens the drama and suspense being built up.

The YouTuber rates this series a 4/5. YouTuber Chris rates and reviews new movies and TV shows on his channel weekly.