Movies And Munchies Reviews Operation Christmas Drop

When a congressional aide forgoes Christmas with her family to go to a beachside Air Force base to assess the annual Operation: Christmas Drop, tensions build when she meets the man behind the project. Operation Christmas Drop (2020) stars Kat Graham and Alexander Ludwig, and is based on the U.S. Air Force Operation Christmas Drop humanitarian mission that was started back in 1952. YouTuber Chris from Movies And Munchies shares his thoughts on the Netflix Christmas romantic comedy.

And while I really liked Graham and even Ludwig to some extent, the acting in this is so stiff. Every movement and every bit of dialogue from the characters feels forced and rigid. The writing in this is very awkward and it doesn’t matter how well the actors try to deliver the lines it just feels completely unnatural.

Chris describes the film as an overly generic movie without any good dialogue or good story building. Comparable to a cheesy hallmark movie, the performances from the characters feel very unnatural with the jokes coming off as cringy, according to Chris.

He does note the film is very family friendly and a feel good, heartwarming story that’s based on true events; it’s just unfortunate that it is poorly executed. Chris rates the film a 2/5. Operation Christmas Drop is now streaming on Netflix.

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