Movies And Munchies says Lupin is a fun Mystery to Uncover

Now streaming on Netflix, the French mystery series Lupin (2021) is a modern retelling of a classic French story about a clever gentleman thief who is also a master of disguise. The series stars Omar Sy, Shirine Boutella, Ludivine Sagnier, Clotilde Hesme, and Soufiane Guerrab. YouTuber Chris from the channel Movies And Munchies shares his thoughts on the first season of the show.

One thing I enjoyed is that even the antagonists have regular motivations. That they’re not larger than life where it doesn’t seem so out of context or out of place in what they do. And that makes then Assane’s motivations and his actions, everything that he does, even though they’re not hugely grandiose, they then fit in the realm of reality. And so it makes this entire show so much more believable and so much more enjoyable.

What the YouTuber enjoys the most about the show is its ability to relate to all of the characters. The ability to sympathize and relate to the main characters makes watching the show much more interesting and leaves the viewers much more invested in the plot, says Chris. He also credits some of this to the performance from Omar Sy as Assane. He is likeable and it's easy to root for him considering he is technically “the bad guy”. The series does a great job in character building as the story moves along and all of the clever schemes and situations really express the motivations for the characters actions.

It's an easy to watch series that the YouTuber is definitely looking forward to for the next season. Chris rates the first season of Lupin a 4/5 couches.

YouTuber Chris from Movies And Munchies, rates and reviews new movies and TV shows regularly.