Movies and Munchies Reviews Athlete A

Athlete A (2020), centers around a team of journalists from The Indianapolis Star as they uncover and investigate the scandal surrounding the women’s USA Gymnastics. Directed by Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk, the documentary chronicles the unsettling events from the story of doctor Larry Nassar assaulting young female athletes to taking a closer look into the corruption in the women’s USA Gymnastics organization. YouTuber Chris from his channel Movies And Munchies, shares his thoughts on this chilling Netflix documentary.

They do a good job of just showing how that culture: that internal culture of the intense elite sports, the training that they go through, all of just the mental preparation, the physical preparation, the harshness by coaches, by surroundings and everything to compete at that level; what that sets up, what that creates, and how it makes it very easy for a child who has something done to them to believe that it’s just normal.

An extremely difficult topic to discuss, but presented extremely well, says Chris of the documentary. He says the film does a great job in really showcasing the intense pressures the young athletes face in order to become a top athlete and in doing so lose sight of what is actually considered “normal” and “justifiable” to reach their highest potential.

The YouTuber also notes the film gives the viewers a comprehensive history behind women’s gymnastics and what the organization presents itself as today. Essentially a corporation and money maker, according to Chris.

A great documentary that although touches a sensitive subject, still leaves you with a sense of hope for the future, says the YouTuber.

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